Thames New Year’s Eve River Cruises are Part of London’s Culture Today

Thames New Year's Eve River Cruises are Part of London’s Culture Today

There can be nothing more exciting and enjoyable than New Year’s Evecelebration on the Thames. Many cruise operators organise cruises on the Thames at midnight to give you a unique opportunity of ringing in the New Year most splendidly while you bid adieu to the year that had been.

It is a beautiful romantic setting on the Thames on the last day of the year as people dine and dance their way into the New Year.  The sailing celebrations, which are one of its kinds, give you the rare opportunity of indulging in luxury and romance with your near and dear ones as sail along the Thames and prepare to step into the New Year.

Spectacular Fireworks are a Treat for the Eyes

New Year’s Eve London is a special occasion as the city celebrates New Year with a display of fascinating and delightful fireworks on the banks of the Thames that starts at the stroke of midnight of 31st December. It has now become a custom to organise the show at the Capitol every year without any exception.  

The night sky lights up with an array of spectacular lighting designs that seem to melt down from the heavens showering cheer and joy to the thousands of spectators on the ground. The loud cheers and clapping that rises from the ground perfectly complement the dazzling show that continues for about an hour and a half beyond midnight.

Book your Seat on a Cruise

Booking a dinner cruise to celebrate the New Year Eve on the Thames gives you the extraordinary opportunity of enjoying a panoramic view of the beautiful fireworks show from the other side of the riverbank. By embarking on the cruise, you can stay away from the crowds without losing sight of the event.

You need not wriggle among people trying to find out the best spot to view the celebrations because the seat that you book on the cruise will undoubtedly be the best place to savour the occasion as you gorge on delicious food and drink in the company of folks you most like.

Fun, Fizz and Fireworks

Every cruise operator waits for this day of large companies and offers various entertaining packages for guests to enable them to choose the suitable one according to their budget. Boarding the cruise saves you from the elements of nature on a cold night as you enjoy a warm and comfortable environment on the luxury boats that are ready to entertain guests in the most hospitable manner.

That is the time to dine and dance as liquor flows, trumpets blare, DJs have a blast, and the revellers dance until they drop, as the five-hour long cruise would leave nothing more to ask for. The fireworks on the outside set your mind on fire as you set out to make the occasion most memorable in your own way.

If you want to start the New Year in London style, then the river cruises promise the most exhilarating experience.    

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