Tech and the Healthcare Renaissance

Tech and the Healthcare Renaissance

Modern medicine has made a tremendous leap forward, largely due in part to Web technologies.

The Web has allowed for advancements, ranging from improving clinical research to client care. All without having to take a trip to a doctor’s office.

Because of these modern offerings, we gain an understanding of our ailments and save on prescription costs without the dread that often keeps us from visiting medical professionals.

This is fantastic news for hospitals that try to keep readmission numbers low and to those of us that don’t exactly want a huge medical bill from a hospital visit.

Doctor on Call: There’s an App for That

Doctor availability and the cost of urgent care is less than stellar. Hours are wasted and hundreds of dollars are spent just to receive a prescription in many cases.

Medical advice apps are changing everything.

Apps of note include:

  • Urgent Care
  • HealthTap
  • Doctor on Demand

These apps grant access to certified, experienced physicians and therapists without the waiting room and at a fraction of normal costs. These apps provide an inexpensive alternative for those limited with their availability; one-on-one consultations are available 24/7. 

The only downside is the physical reassurance one feels when in the presence of a medical practitioner. Yet, these interactions deliver diagnosis and suggestions while providing prescriptions. Take these scripts to an online pharmacy and you could save almost double versus traditional channels.

Prescription Woes: A Look at Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies have matured since their early foray on the Web. The negative stigma has been removed. Consumers, the media, and medical professionals now understand and champion the value these channels provide.

When an online pharmacy is paired with a pill identifier, one can rest assured they are receiving the correct prescriptions by matching images and labels to what they expect to receive. 

Online pharmacy benefits include:

  • – Convenience
  • – Affordability
  • – Confirmation (through at-home lab tests)

Almost 19 million Americans have ordered prescriptions online through international and domestic sites. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are saved each year importing prescription drugs. 

The drawback of an online pharmacy is much like that found with seeing practitioners. The inability to talk with a pharmacist, in-person, is intimidating for many, especially if one leans toward building personal relationships with their healthcare providers.

Integrated Medicine: Bridging Tech with the Holistic

The traditional approach to medical problems has been reactionary. Meaning, a disease or ailment is identified then treatment is applied.

Yet, many proponents of tech have made a push to fully integrate medicine where a patient to doctor relationship is commonplace and the industry more community-minded. One where we are comfortable with our doctors which create a positive experience to lower stress and create awareness.

Stress is a major contributor to worsening health problems.

Our devices track and provide biofeedback which we can use to understand our body’s reaction to stress and develop positive reinforcements to our healthy routine. This data is synced to databases which provide data to the medical industry to further understand the human body. 

A win/win if you are comfortable with providing private health data to corporations. Though, this is certainly a drawback if you are adamant about protecting your privacy at all costs. 

Future Health: It’ll be a Wild Ride

From AI making medical decisions to augmentation, the medical industry is on the cusp of many amazing things. We’re already at a unique intersection of technology and healthcare. If diagnosis and prescriptions through an app or site surprise you now then just wait to see what the future holds!

Which modern advancements in healthcare has been the most beneficial to you? Share your experience with health and tech with a comment below!

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