Diet for Mass Building Without Accumulating Fat

Diet for Mass Building Without Accumulating Fat

All the workout charts and repetitions can only get you so far without any health supplements and protein-rich food. Squats and push-ups are surely an integral part of the fitness regime, but you will not get too far without the right kind of diet.

A healthy, protein-rich diet can help you gain muscle mass, get great hair and smooth skin all at the same time. Meat, eggs, and fish are surely the most protein-rich food. It is not impossible to gain weight and muscle mass on vegan food or vegetarian food, but it is undoubtedly difficult.

Building a bigger and leaner body requires a lot of work indeed, and the primary phase of that work includes finding the right diet.

Organic Eggs

Well, no one just goes and buys eggs from the mart anymore. They have to be organic and fresh too. A farmer’s market is often the best place to buy good quality, high protein, and high-calorie eggs. Eggs are great for gaining weight and muscle mass.

The cholesterol in the eggs serves as an excellent source of energy and steroid scaffolding. Each egg has about 0.5 grams of leucine that helps in rapid muscle gain.

Protein Shakes

A protein supplement is one of the best sources balanced nutrients. Anabolic growth supplements in the protein shake will help you optimize your muscle growth during your gym workout and runs.

Research shows that nutrition from the protein shakes is necessary for putting a break on the regular catabolic processes of our body.

Probiotic Full-fat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is good for health, and it is not a secret. It has a high percentage of casein protein. It is a slow-digesting dairy protein that helps with weight gain in the initial stages of bodybuilding.

Probiotics are all the healthy bacteria, which assist in the digestion and absorption processes. All the good bacteria include the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Lean Meat

It should mostly include lean beef, mutton, and chicken. Beef is an excellent muscle building combination of protein and amino acids. Lean meat also contains Vitamin B, creatine and essential amino acids. It has a healthy mixture of saturated fat and monosaturated fat, which keeps your heart healthy.


Nuts are good for anyone looking to gain weight. A single ounce contains 150-170 calories of balanced fatty acids. A fistful of different kinds of nuts offers a balanced blend of proteins, fats, natural fibers, and vitamins.

Since you can easily carry 100 grams of nuts with you in a zip-lock pouch or a small box to your gym or your class, it is much easier to remain on a healthy and pocket-friendly diet without much of a hassle. You can get all the extra calories you need without gaining any more inches on your waist.

A healthy diet is a must for healthy living. A high source of protein is almost indispensable for those who want to adopt a more bulky body or a more muscular lean body.

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