Travel Guide – Cars, Planes and The Suitcase

Travel Guide - Cars, Planes and The Suitcase

We’ve all traveled before. And whether this travel is for business, pleasure – or both – there’s that one aspect of travel that can potentially be a mega headache. We’re talking about packing.

Yes, packing. Specifically, in how much we pack and how we get what we pack from Point A to Point B. Packing can be more confusing than deciding if you should get a hotel & car rental bundle. You have to consider what items are necessary to bring and how you are traveling, particularly when it comes to traveling by air or by car.

On that note, we’ve put together this post on tips, suggestions and the basics that you need to consider when it comes to getting your suitcase on an airplane versus packing a car for a road trip.

Here’s a look:

Planes and the Suitcase

Long gone are the days of free checked luggage. In fact, some airlines these days won’t even let you get away with a carry-on suitcase without charging you. Combining the cost of checking luggage with the hassle of dragging a suitcase to the airport, checking it, waiting at baggage claim for it, getting it to your destination and then doing it all again on the way back, and it can make for a frustrating experience.

Here’s a look at some tips on how to minimize the hassle of traveling with luggage:

  • Get an airline credit card: Travel often? Consider getting an airline-specific credit card. You’ll earn miles for each dollar you spend and be privy to other benefits, such as one checked complimentary bag. It’s worth it if you’re a frequent flier.
  • Get the right gear: Yeah, maybe you can check luggage – but what about how you haul it around the airport, hotel, etc.? Buying roller suitcases is a must when it comes to convenience, but we’d also suggest acquiring luggage that can easily stack or accommodate a carry-on piece to make getting around all the easier.
  • Pack smart: One way to avoid the hassle of lots of luggage is to just pack smart. See if you can get creative and fit everything into your carry-on so you’ve only got one piece of luggage to worry about. Roll clothes up to save space and only pack what you know you’ll need. You might be surprised at what you’re able to fit into the carry-on luggage. Plus, travel with just carry-on and there’s no concern about paying to check luggage and waiting at baggage claim too.

Cars and the Suitcase

When it comes to cars and the suitcase, there’s a lot more freedom when it comes to how much you pack. But there are also some things to consider when it comes to cars and packing for a trip:

  • How much does your luggage weigh? All vehicles have load limits, that is the amount of weight that is advisable for them to carry at one time. If what you’re packing exceeds the load limit, you could wind up putting enhanced wear and tear on the vehicle. Aside from load limits, the more you pack, the harder the engine will have to work to power the vehicle. The harder your engine works, the more impact it has on your vehicle’s fuel economy. Noting this, it makes sense to only pack what you need in order to avoid placing excess wear and tear on the vehicle, and ensure you’re getting the best possible fuel economy possible.

 Aside from what we’ve discussed in this post, there’s a lot more that you can learn about safe packing and safe traveling via a defensive driving course. And there’s some serious fringe benefits you can achieve at the same time, such as lower insurance premiums. It makes sense to consider all your options when it comes to travel!

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