Top Diamond Jewelry Settings That Are Perfect for Gifts

Top Diamond Jewelry Settings That Are Perfect for Gifts

When you have feelings for another person, gifts are the strongest way to define your emotions. Giving someone you love a diamond ring will go a long way towards cementing your relationship. However, you may wonder whether there are appropriate moments for such gifts.

Indeed, the occasion commemorated defines the type of jewelry. At the same time, the personality of the recipient also matters. An engagement ring sends a strong statement both to the person and their friends. While other gemstones would adorn such a ring, diamonds always carry the day.

Are you celebrating 60 years of marriage? If so, a diamond anniversary is in the offing. However, you do not need to have been lovers for six decades to celebrate. You can always reaffirm your love with a magnificent ring emblazoned with a huge diamond with 3 carats.

Weddings and love life is not the only achievement that you can celebrate. Someone special may have just graduated from college. When you consider how far they have come, you start thinking of getting them something to serve as a constant reminder. Diamond rings or jewelry come in handy when remembering such achievements.

Shopping for diamonds may overwhelm you. There are so many designs, sizes and stone types to choose from. Moreover, you must choose a setting type.

Read on for preferences that you might want to consider:


Under the setting, jewelers use claws or prongs to keep the stone in the desired place. They may come as a set of four. If you like, the dealer can offer you six. Other varieties include having pointed, flat or rounded claws holding the jewel.


Here, you will find a metal rim encircling your ring as a way of keeping it intact. As an energetic individual who uses your hands a lot, this is most ideal setting. The stone remains secure and cannot snag.


The arrangement consists of one large diamond encircled by other stones of a smaller size. The illusion created is one of you wearing a large piece of jewelry. If you love rings with smaller stones, this is a good choice. You can also have other precious stones matched with the diamond as a centerpiece.


In this style, experts use pressure to secure the gem in place. The result is an item where the jewelry appears suspended on both ends of a ring. To safeguard the stone further, a jeweler may put a prong inconspicuously.


The setting features small pieces of the gem placed in a row formation. Small and hardly invisible claws or prongs hold the stones in place. You will not notice these hooks unless you look keenly.

These settings go hand in hand with personality. You could also decide on the style depending on your budget. At the same time, the fashion statement you want to make also influences how you want the stones set. Discuss these options with your jeweler and in the end, you will end up with a piece that the recipient will treasure.

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