The Top 10 Advantages of Flying by Private Jet

The Top 10 Advantages of Flying by Private Jet

Nowadays, the world seems smaller. Previously atomised countries are now united by an extensive network of flight paths, which makes accessing the most exotic destinations as easy as travelling locally by train, boat, or car.

With the proliferation of commercial flights, however, have come drawbacks: airports are busy; flying by commercial plane can be inefficient, temporally speaking; and flight itineraries are inflexible, due to airlines’ dependency on filling flights.

As the aviation industry progresses and flying is opened to more and more travellers, the possibility of flying by private jet becomes increasingly available to more and more people, with prices falling and flexibility increasing.

In a bid to introduce private jet travel to those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, we share 10 advantages of flying by private jet.    

Time Efficiency

Flying by private jet saves a great deal of time. Whereas fliers on commercial flights are advised to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure, those flying on privately chartered flights can check-in as little as 15 minutes before take-off, although 30 minutes is advisable. This reduces overall travel time significantly.

Improved Service

Booking a private jet charter affords the kind of luxuries that are rarely experienced elsewhere. Being served your favourite dish while 40,000 feet up is one such indulgence, but the fine service extends to transfers, a concierge, and unparalleled client relations.

The Luxury of Your Own Privacy

The discretion offered by private jet charter is enough to change your flying habits forever. Once you have experienced the peacefulness, quiet and comfort of your own cabin, commercial flying will recede to the annals of your memory and you’ll do your best to forget it.

Less Time Spent at Security and Immigration

As most private jet flights leave from business terminals – separated from commercial flight terminals – there are no long queues for security and immigration checks. The whole process of boarding the plane takes, on average, less than 15 minutes from the moment of arrival to embarkation.

When a private jet flight leaves from a commercial terminal, fast track passes are issued to clients and the queues can be bypassed.

You Stand Less of a Chance of Being Delayed

Labelled as Schengen checks, commercial flights are currently being subjected to stricter security and immigration checks. This is having a catastrophic effect on flight schedules, as airports are lacking the staff required to keep on top of the added workload.

Private jet charters will be ready to depart as soon as you are, providing there are no delays from uncontrollable sources.

You Get More Space

It goes without saying that private jet charter is unparalleled in terms of luxury and comfort. The seats are far more relaxing, leg space is unrestricted, and some jets even offer convertible beds for an in-flight nap.

You Can Carry More Luggage

Contrary to the strict luggage limitations that affect passengers on commercial flights, private jet charter enables you to carry as much luggage as you’d like – within reason. If travelling with pets, many operators will allow them to fly in the cabin with you, reducing stress on the animal.

Many Private Jet Operators Offer a Concierge Service

Whether you require VIP transfers to and from the airport or you need hotel reservations ready for your arrival, many private jet operators offer concierge services to cater for your needs. The out-of-flight offering is just one aspect of service that is improved when flying by private jet.

Increased Flight Flexibility

When flying on a private jet, you can fly into more airports and at a time that suits you. You set the route and schedule of your flight, meaning your journey is not dictated by the inflexible itineraries followed by commercial operators.

Prices Have Decreased Enormously

Nowadays, it is possible to travel by private jet from as little as €650 – prices similar to business class tickets. Private jet costs have dropped massively, due to improved technology and increased competition. With affordable options, there is no real reason not to fly by private jet!

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