Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

The living room is a place of respite. It’s where you stay to relax after a tiring day at work or a taxing morning taking care of your family’s needs. When you think of living room furniture, coffee tables come to mind right after sofas.

A coffee table is not just to serve you with coffee for evening delights because it is a center piece that every home must have.

It can have a functional and visual importance depending on your taste of what a good coffee table is. You can put your magazines, books, and various curios on top of it. Therefore, choosing the right coffee table is essential for your next home improvement.

It can de-clutter and save up space and put some style into our living rooms. Gone are the days that you just throw your stuff around the corner, giving your living room a messy atmosphere.

If you want to have a neat and organized living room, keep in mind these features of a perfect coffee table.

Is it a Need or a Want?

The first thing to consider in buying a coffee table is if you need it or just want it. There’s a difference between the two. When you already have a cramped living room, it might sound impractical to add a coffee table in it.

Right Material that Suits Your Living Room

There are many choices in choosing a coffee table. Traditional coffee tables are wood-built. Usually, it comes with drawers and compartments. When choosing wood-built coffee tables, oak and maple will give a casual look to your living room.

If you have a modern room, you can choose acrylic and metal coffee tables to blend perfectly with your surroundings. The glint of a metal coffee table is also appropriate for modern rooms as it gives a sophisticated look.

Just be careful if you have playing kids because the metal and glass corners of your coffee table might cause danger to them.

Ideal Shape and Size

Choosing the ideal shape and size of your coffee table is also important to consider. When it comes to it, pay attention to your seating configuration, the shape, and size of the room.

Round coffee tables – This coffee table is ideal if you have children as it does not have sharp corners.

Square coffee tables – Square is the right shape if you have a large sofa or love seat.

Rectangular coffee tables – For smaller and L-shaped rooms, this is the ideal choice. If you have long sofas, rectangular coffee tables are also the best fit.

The height of your coffee table should also be about the height of your sofa. If you want a cozy feel, you can match a low sofa with a low coffee table. But a coffee table that is a little higher than your sofa is fine.

Other Functions of Your Coffee Table

For practical purposes, we must look for coffee tables that have added functionality. A multi-functional coffee table comes with additional storage space like drawers, shelves, and compartments.

Wheeled coffee tables are also ideal if you need to transfer it from time to time.


Coffee tables are must-haves to save up space in our living room. It provides us a place for our newspapers, books, and other things. It provides us a feeling of being home when having our snacks, coffee break, and family chit-chats.

That’s why choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room is a thing to be kept in mind for your planned home improvement.


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