Should parents use a Spy App for Android to Track Their Children?

Should parents use a Spy App for Android to Track Their Children

With the world becoming more complicated, and the level of moral degradation taking root, every parent has a reason to be concerned about the safety of their children when using their mobile phones. As time moves on, it is becoming necessary for parents to buy mobile phones for their children so that they can remain in touch with them.

But the challenge comes in when the same devices become a platform for destruction. This sad scenario calls for corrective measures using a spy app for Android devices. Most parents are fighting to bridge a yawning gap between them and their teenage children. It is now common to have teenagers who open their physical mouths to their parents, and yet, they have closed hearts.

Based on the above scenario, parents are turning to the same technology that created this problem to get a solution to help them in their spying missions. But this move to snoop on their children is fast kicking a storm that is raising questions regarding the morality of the entire tracking adventures parents are undertaking. But do we have enough reasons to justify the morality of parental phone monitoring?

Find out answers to these questions in the remaining paragraph of this emotive concern.

Parents have the right to take a stand

The first moral hurdle that spying parents receive from the proponents of “license” is that spying their kids amount to the violation of their “freedom”, and that they should allow their teenage kids to enjoy those rights. From an activist point of view, the argument may seem to hold water until you probe it deeper. The facts are that parents have a moral right to know what their underage kids are doing.

The fact that these kids are minors is a clear indicator that they are not ready to handle a certain level of freedom without parental supervision. Additionally, none of these proponents could slam any parent to demanding to know where their kids are or they have been the whole day and what they have been doing. In the same breadth, parents have a moral right to know where they kids “go” on their smartphones because their online safety is just as important as their physical safety.

Additionally, moral accountability is an integral component in all relationships. For example, married couples have a right to know the whereabouts of their spouses, and hence, no sensible person would take it lightly when their spouse has secret passwords on their phones.

Parents have a duty to protect their kids

Besides having a moral right to know what their kids do on their phones, parents also have a moral duty to protect their kids. It is very difficult for a parent to take preventive measures to avert possible disaster when they are ignorant of the dangers that are facing their young ones. You can imagine a situation where your child is glued to pornography for years, and yet, you have no idea what is going on.

The first step towards recovery is discovery, which is impossible without them getting access to the things their kids are doing behind their backs using mobile devices. Using our example of porn addiction, parents can use spying apps to confront the monster and help their children to get help. So, spying remains the only means a parent can use to get accurate information to make redemptive and corrective decisions.

Children have become clever

We all were once children, and we know what kids can do. All kids assume they know better than their parents. As a parent, we all know that when kids start misbehaving online, they resort to hide and seek tricks. For instance, all of them will look for safe grounds to do their thing. It is quite disturbing to note that some parents are complaining about their teenage kids blocking them on Facebook and WhatsApp.

As a parent, can you imagine how it feels when your own child unfriends you from their list of Facebook friends? But as painful as it may feel, children are doing these things to hide from their concerned parents. In such cases, the only option is to beat them in their own game and spy on them.

Abuse is real

Lastly, parents have a right to spy on their underage kids because abuse is real in the online world. Even though no parent buys a mobile phone as a tool for online perversion, there are real possibilities that kids can abuse them.

Even though it is an emotive topic, the only logical conclusion is that caring control is better than license that gives kids uncontrolled freedom.

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