Natural Ways to Fix Anxiety

Natural Ways to Fix Anxiety

Anxiety can be harmful and disabling and is often accompanied by stress that is long term and leads to decline in the overall health. It becomes the reason for many chronic diseases that refuses to be treated despite treatment.

Anxiety is an issue that can affect any age group or gender, place or state.

Causes of anxiety

There are number of reasons for anxiety to occur in you, but the main ones include

  • Stress
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Dysfunctional serotonin
  • Excess alcohol
  • High caffeine or sugar intake
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Thyroid  

You might be anxious, freaked out or at least worried. You might be upset about something at home, at work, children or may be financial issues. Your heart starts beating faster and you start sweating and breathing becomes shallow, and what you want is immediate relief from the anxiety, like right now. You might want to pop a pill and get over the anxiety attack that you are fighting. Wait, try these simple natural ways in which you can fix anxiety in you.

Consulting your doctor to reduce the anxiety but before that you might want to try these non-drug and safe remedies for your anxiety that will help your body and mind to relax, before simple anxiety turns into a full blown anxiety attack.

Natural remedies to reduce anxiety

Take a break

Situations and problems that have gotten you anxious is not going anywhere. Take a break from everything around you, do what makes you happy, go for a walk, talk to a loved one or reread your favorite book. This will calm your mind and divert you from the unhappy situations

Chamomile- take it

A cup of chamomile tea will help calm you down in a jiffy, just as a drug like Valium. The components present in chamomile apigenin and luteolin promotes relaxation. You can also take chamomile supplement in order to combat anxiety.

Studies have proven that people who take chamomile as a supplement or in form of tea are better at fighting anxiousness than others.

Lavender- breathe in

Getting a massage with lavender oil is a sure way to relax your body and get rid of anxiety. Studies have shown that people who take massage with lavender oil were less anxious than the ones who refuse lavender oils in their massage.

Lavender oil is proven to reduce systolic pressure that increases blood pressure that increases stress. You can either take a massage with lavender oil, or add a few drops in your tea or you can directly apply on your skin where you can inhale in the scent that will help in combating anxiousness.

L-lysine – add to your diet

L-lysine is an amino acid and the important component of the building blocks of your brain’s messengers known as the neurotransmitters.

The L-lysine supplement has shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels in the people who take it as a part of the diet, like beans, fish or meat or in the form of oral supplements.

21- minutes to your self

Studies have proven that a 21 minute exercise will make you feel better and also release the feel good endorphins. Experts believe that exercising increases your body heat and helps in controlling the cognitive functions of the brain, thereby affecting your mood.

Exercises help in relaxing and alleviating anxiety.

Epsom salt – bathe with it in

A warm and soothing bath always helps to relax and calm your mind. You can add in epsom salt to make it better and more relaxing, as the magnesium sulfate in the salt, reduces blood pressure and calms anxiety.

Essential oils such as vanilla or lavender can be added to further up the relaxation and reap the benefits.

Caffeine – cut it down

Caffeine is known to boost energy, yet can leave you feeling jittery and anxious. You might not give it up completely but try reducing the number of cups you intake each day and you will surely find a decrease in your anxiety symptoms.

There are many options of less caffeinated or decaffeinated drinks available in the market that will help you relax. For instance a cup of green tea can work wonders in reducing your anxiety.

Medical marijuana

Although, marijuana as drug is harmful, it is known to relax your mind and reduce stress and act as a sedative. Marijuana is proven to get people in a light and happy mood and away from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Looking for the best CBD oil to combat anxiety? Follow our online buyers guide to buy cbd oil best suited for you.

Alcohol – cut it down

Alcohol is consumed by many in order to feel good or reduce anxiety or depression. But it is shown to have a reverse effect on the human body, it increases the blood pressure and thereby, increasing anxiety. It is suggested that people suffering from anxiety symptoms should cut down on the alcohol consumption to alleviate anxiety.

Anxiety can disturb the balance in the human body, which disrupts the daily routine of people. Trying out these few natural remedies can surely help in alleviating anxiety, but if the problem persists, seek medical help.

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