How to Market to Baby Boomers

How to Market to Baby Boomers

Healthy sales numbers depend on marketing. Although sales teams often receive the highest accolades within an organization, they can only do their job when marketers have done theirs. In fact, without a consistent and effective strategy for aligning a brand with present and future customers and prospects, sales efforts can easily fail.

With that in mind, you might want to resist the temptation to focus your marketing efforts on the millennial generation as it takes center stage in the labor force.

After all, despite the growing influence of the millennial population, that segment of the market lags behind the baby boomers in terms of discretionary income and buying power.

Despite the Census Bureau reports that fact that the baby boom generation comprises only one-fifth of the population, USA Today recently reported that the group accounted for almost 42 percent of all consumer spending in the first quarter of 2017.

With this in mind, you might recognize that a focus on millennials may result in leaving money on the table. Also, in light of the current trend of businesses to spend less money marketing to baby boomers, you have a chance to achieve a competitive advantage simply by reaching that group.

Although reaching out to a market segment that is coming of age makes sense, such an emphasis can exclude an older part of the population that has money to spend along with the time they need to enjoy what they buy.

Given these points, you should realize that aligning your brand with the older generation makes sense. Here you will learn tips that will help you market your brand to baby boomers and boost sales for your firm.

Old School Strategies

Baby boomers remember how things were before everything changed. With this in mind, you should include tactics that you might consider obsolete while reaching this audience.

For example, the generation was the first to grow up with television, so many boomers still feel comfortable responding to televised commercials. Similarly, you might also include radio advertising in your marketing mix.

Unlike millennials who have embraced 140-character tweets, emojis and witty acronyms, baby boomers often favor robust text-based messages. Also, this segment of your audience tends to have more patience than millennials who often expect instant gratification.

For the most part, baby boomers are not impulsive. For this reason, you can expect them to carefully evaluate every purchase. However, when they finally choose to buy your product, you can expect them to become long-time customers at a higher rate than younger generations.

Although market research suggests that television advertising gets the best results from baby boomers, you can also expect to achieve good results from other legacy marketing channels such as direct mail.

While your ushering old-school tactics back into your marketing strategy, remember to include traditional online haunts. For example, many baby boomers depend on search engines such as Google to inform and guide them as they shop. Additionally, this generation turns to internet search when they want to contact a company

New School Technologies

Baby boomers have lived through many decades of innovation, so never discount their ability to adapt to and embrace modern technologies and trends. After all, they grew up with television and have experienced the entire digital revolution beginning with the advent of the personal computer.

With this in mind, you should also remember that many baby boomers remain in the labor force and therefore have hands-on experience with social media, mobile devices, commerce and the cloud.

Still, you might guess those baby boomers might use technology in different ways. For example, although people from this generation use the Internet, you might need to spend time determining where online you can best reach them.

To demonstrate the generational differences, just imagine baby boomers hanging out on Instagram and Snapchat where millennials post photos of their outfits and outings.

Generally, baby boomers enjoy sharing news about their trips and videos of their DIY projects and hobbies, so you should design your message and content to reach them on Facebook and YouTube.

In summary, baby boomers comprise a substantial portion of the population. As people from that generation age, however, some companies make the mistake of underestimating their buying power.

For this reason, targeting older customers can give you a competitive edge in your market while supplying value to people who either approach retirement age or already have retired. As has been noted, you can meet the challenge of marketing to baby boomers by a healthy mix of “old-school” tactics and “new school” technology.

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