How To Improve Writing By Avoiding These Mistakes

How To Improve Writing By Avoiding These Mistakes

While writing a college essay if it is very important to follow a few tips, it is equally important to avoid some mistakes that would make your essay and an attractive one. a few mistakes that you should definitely avoid to make a good essay are discussed below.

1). Don’t try to be someone else

Do not try to portray yourself as someone else. For example, you put away you’re the officers from reading your essay if you are trying to fake yourself as Mother Teresa.

If you do so it may lack authenticity, details and real life experiences. This will diminish your chances to attract the attention of the officers reading your essay.

2). Don’t get stuck on the introduction

Mostly the students do not spend enough time on their introduction. This is an irreversible mistake since the readers reading the essay look for the overall meaning of what you have written. Try to get the attention of the reader before he moves on to the heart of the essay through a well-written introduction.

3). Don’t write in cliches

Cliches include phrases like ‘all’s well that ends well’ or ‘practice what you preach‘. This kind of phrases can be used in your day to day conversations but reveals a lack of sophistication and originality in your essay.

This would give an impression of being an incapable writer in front of the offices reading your essay.

4). Do not over quote

As similar to cliches adding quotations to the essay makes it dis-interesting. Quotations may be a valuable component in an analytical essay but in college essays, you need to maintain your own originality and creativity.

You should not allow the quotations to distract from what you have to say. Quotations are not your own which lessens the originality of your essay.

5). Don’t cross the line between creativity and absurdity

Most of the times while writing essays students tend to put in one of a kind topics. Rather than sounding original and insightful the essays seem to be silly and nonsense. If you want your work to be creative the general rule you need to follow is that never let your creativity cross lines.

Get a second or third opinion about your essay.

6). Don’t write humorous essays if you are not humorous

Very few people can write humorous essays while many may try to write one. An essay while writing may seem funny to you but it can offend your audiences and readers. unless and until you are gifted with a true sense of humor do not try writing humorous essays always keep in mind who your audiences are and their taste for humor would be different from each other humor which is untested can be unreliable which would highly secure essay as well as grades.

7). Don’t write a sob story

Some students feel that they should talk about their misfortune’s and challenges that they have faced in life to make a great essay. Obstacles and family tragedies are good enough topics but focusing on them without mentioning what you have done to overcome them will not shape into a strong essay.

Your audience is might be interested in the obstacles you face but they are even more inquisitive to learn how you have faced and overcome those challenges.

8). Don’t flex

Students tend to write mysteries of the world and momentous philosophical debates in order to show the audiences that they are very intelligent and sophisticated. It would never solve your problem and you would end up with disinterested audiences and a bad essay.

9). Don’t wait until the last moment

 The only way to test a topic it’s to write on it. To improve you are writing capabilities you need to keep writing and rewriting. This needs time. Before you submit your final product you should have proof read your work.

The earlier you start writing the better for you. This would ensure that you get enough time for editing and proof reading and also submit your essay well in time.

10). Don’t generalize

If you are writing an essay on leadership, for example, you should never say that you are a strong leader instead give the details with examples when you have been a leader. If you are dealing with any of such kind of topic while writing the essay you should nicely describe how you felt while being a leader, what motivated you and how you motivated others.

You should also pen down what you learned from the experience of being a leader. Writing generally would not give you a good essay instead details of every aspect of your experiences would result in a good essay.

In the above-given guide, we have discussed the types of mistakes that should be avoided while writing a good essay. If you face any problem you make take help of essay writers online who would help you write the best essays which would be free of any mistakes and give you tips to present them in the best possible manner.

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  1. Adeel Sami says:


    I am glad to find your article on ViralContentBuzz!

    And so glad that I did find it.

    Really can’t deny a single fact you put in…

    I know many bloggers are always after the word count and for that, they just go out of creativity and the meaning of their content.

    When the fear of the word count is mingled, it will make the content meaningless in many paragraphs.

    So, thank you for the great writing tips!

    ~ Adeel

  2. Brenda says:

    Useful post, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another. Thanks for this wonderful share.

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