Freelance like a King {Infographic}

Freelance like a King {Infographic}

With freelancing being one of the best ways to earn extra cash for your needs, millions of people are joining in every year. With the information gathered by Zeqr, a knowledge sharing platform in the infographic you’ll see below, we’ve witnessed some quite convincing facts that should encourage you to give it a shot. We would like to write down some of the best stats about the current state of freelancing (most of which you’ll see at the very beginning of the infographic), starting with an insane rise of the total number of freelancers who are living in the US.

It’s been late 2016 when Forbes announced that from 2014 to 2016, at least 2 million people more became freelancers. Honestly speaking, applying for online and remote jobs is not such a hard thing to accomplish, but as things stand, that’s still an amazingly high number, even for one of the most powerful countries on the planet.

Approximately two thirds of all freelancers said that their choice to pursue freelancing opportunities was not because of the need for money, but more because of the curiosity. Making the choice of switching to part-time and remote jobs does bring a slight amount of concern, but since most people eventually succeed as freelancers, there’s almost nothing to worry about.

Also, as the infographic states, people freelance because they have more freedom if they’re employed as full-time workers, and for those who are looking for part-time opportunities, freelancing is nothing more than an additional source of income. “Either way, you’re looking at a much better lifestyle,” says Zeqr’s online motivational coach Alfie Star.

Further speaking, a majority of freelancers tend to work with almost no stress and with maximum relaxation. It’s pretty easy, entertaining, and even encouraging. A key factor that is encouraging the uprise of the number of freelancers is the love for independent work, which all young adults possess, according to Stephane, Upwork’s CEO. “The younger part of the workforce is much more likely to be freelancing than the older part.” And it’s so easy to work as a freelancer! You can do your content writing, iOS programming wherever you want to – your own household, or a cafe. You can basically work wherever there’s a stable Internet connection.

As far as the financial facts go, freelancers who quit their full-time jobs were often able to earn more money via freelance jobs within a single year. Another thing that’s worth mentioning here is that an average freelancer who works on full-time projects spends 36 hours each week, whereas traditional full-timers work for 40 hours. The majority of those jobs are your typical 9-5 jobs at offices located 30-40 minutes away from your home.

If you want to know the percentage of workers who quit their traditional jobs in order to switch to freelancing, you’ll be in shock, because we’re talking about 22% of today’s freelancers! Their reasons for indulging in freelancing include higher wage expectancy, more entertaining projects, and freedom of movement.

What’s your opinion on one of the hottest trends in 2017? Ready to freelance like a king and embrace your freedom?

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  1. Bogdan says:

    Changing your life to free-lancing takes some courage. It’s a paradox, but to get the comfort you aim at as a freelancer, you have to step out of your Comfort Zone and quit living on a poor but stable salary.

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