How to Convince an Elderly Person for Home Care Assistance

How to Convince an Elderly Person for Home Care Assistance

There reaches a point in the life of an older adult when they need home care assistance. However, sometimes the person does not see this need. You could be frustrated having persuaded and tried to reason with your parent or relative.

How do you tell that someone has reached such a point? Having been brought up by your parents, you understand them well enough. You know when your mom is unable to perform her usual household chores. Sometimes your dad forgets to take medication. Declining hygiene is another red flag.

On the contrary, parents may harbor different views. They might want to maintain their independence. You know that, for instance, your dad has proudly taken care of the family. He has never had to depend on anyone. Then you come asking him to get some assistance; he will firmly object.

You need to find a solution, and it has to be fast. All the same, why do elderly persons reject home care?


As mentioned earlier, senior citizens feel that other people may perceive their acceptance of assistance as a sign of weakness. Moreover, a senior person would prefer to keep their pride than ask you for help. In retrospect, you should come in to convince them that home care is not what they think.

Share with an elderly relative the benefits and the support that goes with it.

Cost of Health access – home care assistance in Montreal

With elderly care programs in Montreal and other parts of Canada getting stretched, you can understand when your parent shows concern. Dwindling support from the government means that citizens are now heading to private care. Some families may find that this stretches their budget.

However, you can still go for packages that are flexible enough to meet your budget. Besides, home care assistance is cheaper than nursing or senior resident care. You may not require this service on a daily basis meaning that you can opt for a staggered schedule.


The elderly, like everyone else, are hesitant to change. Having been brought up in a family that values its privacy, your parents may not like the idea of having strangers coming to offer them help. There are other legitimate reasons too.

Some caregivers do not get along with elderly persons. In mitigation, you could arrange for the care provider to meet your parents and get to know them.

Stress on their needs

Parents will gladly accept assistance if you stress to them that it would make you feel comfortable. As a parent grows old, they increase their reliance on children. By letting them know that you care about their health and safety, they will stop the rejection.

Emphasize that you will be at peace knowing that a reliable person was helping out with household chores, laundry, and preparation of meals.

Senior citizens, especially if sickly can be at a high risk of accidents around the home. Inform your parents that their general welfare matters. Remind them of your duty to assist as a loving child would.

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