5 Tricks To Buy A Used Car For Less

5 Tricks To Buy A Used Car For Less

A car is a necessity. But a new car is expensive to buy and may not always be the best choice for everyone. In such a situation, a used car makes a lot of sense. A car that’s just a year old costs less than a brand new car.

Besides, it doesn’t take away anything from the vehicle either; a used jeep wrangler can look as attractive as one that isn’t pre-owned. It’s still stylish and is one of the best values for money SUVs available right now.

It offers pretty decent mileage, has off-roading capabilities and four-wheel drive and you can choose one depending on how many people will travel in it.

Here are some smart suggestions to land that used car you’re keen on without getting the short end of the stick in the process.

  • Do your research

It all starts with some good ol’ footwork. You need to make a list of cars that you have your eye on. Certain brands are known for their quality cars that are valuable even when used. Think about those. Don’t limit yourself to just one name, spread your options.

Maybe you’re thinking of a Kia Optima or a Honda Accord (it costs more) – whatever it is, get your list of options in place. There are websites that will help you with finding out more about the cars you’re looking at.

Do a comparative analysis of each model across various parameters- price, fuel efficiency, features, etc. This will help you decide what your next move should be.

  • Vehicle History

This is one of the trickiest parts of a used vehicle – if you’re buying it from someone you don’t know, then there’s no way of telling if the car is all it seems to be. Use the licence plate number or the car’s vehicle identification number, find the vehicle history report and read through.

You’ll garner important information from this, including if the odometer has been reset to show less miles run and what the insurance company has to say about it.

  • Choose the right time

Especially if you’re buying from a dealer, it’s a good thing to keep in mind when you should buy a car. If targets need to be met, then they are more open to negotiations.

Think about end of the year months, December and September or early year- March and June. You might get a better deal in those months.

  • Bring it all to the table

Tell dealerships what you’ve got from the others. This will force them to give you better deals and help you in the end too. Make sure you negotiate for price- don’t be willing to settle for just about anything they offer.

Dealerships always ask for more, because they run a business, so there’s always room to haggle.

  • The Power of Certification

A certified pre-owned car comes with a guarantee from the company, not just the dealership. This gives you many advantages, including a longer warranty period, a thorough inspection and information about the car, including history.

They work out more expensive than non-certified cars but come with long-term benefits.

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