What should be the width of your Hardwood Plank?

What should be the width of your Hardwood Plank

A solid hardwood floor can be the best friend of your home if you can install and maintain it correctly. The hardwood flooring peaks the interest of any home décor expert. Your home’s personality depends on the kind of flooring you choose. Moreover, history shows, most famous houses all across the USA have had original hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring adds personality to a house. A home is not a home without the proper flooring and finish. Any home with a well-maintained hardwood floor has a higher resale value. The hardfloor flooring installation Chicago has a flurry of new lines of hardwood styles on sale that bears exclusively high resale value.  

Picking the right style can be confusing. If we say, there are hundreds of colors, widths, and styles for you to choose from. We will be understating it. Here’s a peek at the magnificent world of hardwood floors and more.

  • Standard oak flooring should be 0.75 inches thick and 2.25 inches wide.
  • Plank floors are between 3 and 6 inches wide. They can be wider, but customers do not prefer wider planks.
  • Prefinished wood flooring planks can be between 0.3 inches to 0.75 inches thick. Flooring companies sell them as random lengths between 12 inches and 84 inches.

The most common wood used for hardwood flooring include white oak, maple, and red oak. Eucalyptus and cherry are steadily gaining popularity in this domain as well. This wide range of wood types and sources are enough to befuddle a furnishing newbie.

What is the current trend?

There was a time where you could not find anything over 2-3 inches width. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. You can now go for wider planks. In fact, more trend-savvy people prefer 5-8 inch ranges. A few brave hearts go for 10-inch planks as well. However, we think that is pushing a bit too far.

Wider planks mean lesser work. There are fewer seams in the floor to me smoothened out and fewer crevices to clean as well. Wider planks also impart a spacious feel to even the smallest coups.

How to budget it right?

Always remember – random widths are cheaper. In the domain of hardwood flooring, sticking to this rule will keep your pocket safe and your aesthetics pleased. It is cheaper since the company does not have to hunt down planks of specific widths only for you.

Another way to save a few extra bucks during your home remodeling is to stick to the trend. What is trendy is usually cheap as well, due to popular demand. If you want something unique and dated, you will also be asking for a bigger price tag.

Home remodeling should be fun and enjoyable. Just because you are trying to find the right hardwood floor for your abode does not mean you have to do away with your sleep. Remember these few tips and tricks to get your dream home and save much money too!

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