How to Travel With a Child With Disabilities

How to Travel With a Child With Disabilities

Having a child with disabilities doesn’t mean that your family can’t travel as far and as often as others. You may, however, need to make some special arrangements before heading out on your next adventure.

Research Your Destination

When you travel within the United States, you know you can find restaurants, hotels, and stores that accommodate people with special needs. Other countries may not always offer that guarantee. You may find that some countries don’t have businesses with ramps, handicapped restroom stalls, and other accommodations for people with disabilities. Make sure you research your destination to learn more about accessibility for children with special needs.

Websites such as Special Globe can help you learn more about destinations and how well they cater to the needs of children with disabilities.

Incorporate Layovers into Your Flight Plan

Some disabilities make it uncomfortable for children to stay seated for more than a few hours. Try to incorporate one or two layovers into your flight plan so that your kids can enjoy some time out of their airplane seats.

Prepare for Unexpected Sickness or Injuries

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. For the parents of kids with disabilities, this preparation calls for planning for unexpected sicknesses and injuries. If your disabled child gets sick, you may not have access to the right medical services during your travels. 

Signing up for a Medjet Horizon travel membership can put your mind at ease. If one of your family members enters a hospital that isn’t prepared to serve children with disabilities, then Medjet Horizon can arrange air medical transportation.

You never know what levels of medical care you will discover as you travel the world. Having a Medjet Horizon membership for your loved ones helps make sure that you and your kids can travel abroad with more peace of mind.

Bring a Letter From Your Child’s Doctor

Some people may not understand the needs of children with disabilities. Those who don’t have experience with special needs children may think that their parents are trying to get free upgrades.

A letter from your child’s doctor reinforces the seriousness of your child’s condition. Ask the doctor to include your child’s disability, some common symptoms of the disability, and what special accommodations will make travel easier for your child.

Pack Medications and Medical Devices

If your child needs medications or medical devices to stay healthy, then you must remember to pack them before you leave home. Depending on your destination, you may discover that finding replacements may be impossible.

Keep in mind that some of the medical devices your child uses could make TSA agents suspicious. Check the TSA’s webpage for guidelines for passengers with disabilities and medical conditions. TSA officials may ban certain items, such as IV bags, pumps, and syringes. Label and organize all the bottles, bags, and equipment for easy inspection. Always tell TSA officers about your child’s condition, and use the letter from your doctor if you need support.

Children with disabilities deserve to see the world as much as other kids do. With the right research and services, your child can experience everything that traveling the world has to offer them.

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