Testing your Physical Limits With CrossFit Training

Testing your Physical Limits With CrossFit Training

Do you want to get fit? Does the thought of challenging your physical abilities seem appealing to you? Then you should consider CrossFit as your next training Program.

What is CrossFit Training?

CrossFit was developed by Greg Glassman in the late Nineties. Glassman wanted to create a training system that kept him in shape, without the need to adhere to traditional sports programs offered in college.

He started incorporating bodyweight and free-weight exercises into a system that focused on high-intensity training. As the internet grew, so did CrossFit’s following and by the mid-2000’s, CrossFit franchise gyms began to pop up all around the globe.

A typical CrossFit workout would incorporate five to six exercises known as the WOD, or Workout Of the Day. The movements found in an average WOD would include;

  • Clean & Press
  • Pull-ups
  • Burpees
  • Rack Pulls
  • Pushups

The exercises for the WOD could be performed in one of two different methods; AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible, in a time period of two minutes, or EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute), which would entail the trainee completing a new exercise every minute on the minute for a set number of rounds.

The energy system principles of CrossFit are simple, do as much work as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible. This principle is also known as HIT or High-intensity training. The HIT effect means that a CrossFit workout rarely extends past 30 minutes, making ideal for anyone that is short on time top train.

Finding the Right CrossFit Gym

If you have decided to take the leap into CrossFit training, then the most important step you can make, is joining a CrossFit gym. CrossFit allows individuals to open franchises under the CrossFit brand, provided that they adhere to the CrossFit manifesto and training ideals.

Some franchises are well established and make for excellent proving grounds for you to test your physical limits.

Gyms come well equipped, with the tools you need to get all the exercises of your WOD completed. Barbells, dumbbells, pull-up racks, sleds, and boxes are all standard equipment that will cost you thousands of dollars to buy yourself. Rather pay a few bucks a month and get all the benefits of great equipment with a cheap gym membership.

Building a Support Structure

One of the most important things about joining a CrossFit franchise gym is the aspect of meeting new, like-minded trainees that are as hungry as you are. You will develop new friendships and find people that will push you in your training to help you achieve maximum results.

Take advantage of all the people around you and build a support structure that helps you develop your skill-set and strength.

Testing your Limits with Competition

Eventually, after training, you will want to test your new strength and skills against other competitors. CrossFit host both local Crossfit competitions and international platforms as well. Check out when the next CrossFit games are happening in your town and pit yourself against the best athletes in your area.

CrossFit competitions are generally held over two or three days, depending on the depth of the competitive field. Athletes compete in strength tasks that are based on movements and exercises used in the WOD. The CrossFit games have gained huge popularity and it’s championship international athletes have become household names in their respective countries.

The only way you will truly know your limits is if you push yourself beyond what you think is possible. With the right support team and a good competitive spirit, you will be able to achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Log Your Progress & Stay Dedicated

Your success with CrossFit training and testing your limits will be determined by your level of commitment to your goals. Every day is another opportunity to reach a new level of possibilities. Make sure that you track your journey, get a logbook and track your workout and diet data.

CrossFitters are nuts for data, it’s the way you track your progress and determine if you need to make adjustments. Keep an eye on your numbers and ask you support system for advice. Above all, take every chance you can to improve your fitness, strength, and health with every training session.

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