Sick and Stay Alone? Here’s How Online Pharmacies are a One Stop Shop

Sick and Stay Alone? Here's How Online Pharmacies are a One Stop Shop

Most people have fallen ill on several occasions where they were alone and could not go out to buy medicines. It is particularly the case for bachelors, and individuals who stay alone and work in a different city. In current time, when everything is getting digitally advanced, it becomes imperative for industries to deliver their goods and services online. With numerous advantages, the concept of online shopping is taking over the world as the preferred shopping choice, and more people are choosing to buy goods online.

Today, a consumer has the option of buying anything online ranging from fashion, food, electronics to other commodities. In this regard, the concept of online pharmacy is not lagging. In fact, online pharmacies are set to become on the leading e-commerce markets in India.

Online pharmacies are changing the face of buying medicines and are preferable for several reasons. Shopping for medications online is safe, and every item is genuine if the online pharmacy is reliable. If you live alone by yourself, then buying medicines online is a fantastic way to be prepared, and it eliminates the need to travel to a store, saving you from the exertion.

Here’s why you need to buy medicines online, especially if you live alone:

Outstanding Convenience

Online shopping is all about convenience, and it is especially beneficial for people who are ill and live alone by themselves. Buying medicines online is all about comfort and convenience. It eliminates the need to travel to a physical store, thus, saving you both time and effort. If you require medicines frequently because of an ongoing ailment, the shopping online is quite beneficial for you.

Online pharmacies such as 1mg have proactive services, and they take their medicine delivery seriously. With an uncomplicated design, the process of buying medicines online is effortless. They accept debit cards, credit cards and offer cash on delivery for all purchases.

Lab Tests @ Home

Online Pharmacies provide extensive lab tests at home. People who are ill and live alone can be benefitted immensely from this offering. With personalized test packages at competitive prices, a user can book tests right from their home.

They also provide the reports online, which makes it easier for the patient to track their condition and call doctors accordingly.


Online stores across all domains have been giving retail shopping a tough stand when it comes to prices. Products at an online shop are priced competitively, and much better than a physical retail store. With discounts and coupons, the price is even cut further.

Most online pharmacies send e-mails and newsletters to their customers with substantial discounts. If you require medicines frequently, subscribing to a newsletter is highly recommended.

Skilled Assistance

1mg, an online pharmacy provides highly trained assistance for its users. Customers who are looking to buy prescription medicines are required to upload their prescription by a certified medical practitioner.

Being a fully organized e-commerce medical portal, 1mg has enforced this practice to ensure only patients who need prescription medicines can source them. This provides safety and refrains from drug abuse. However, OTC (over the counter) medicines can be bought without a prescription.

24/7 Customer Care

If you are confused about anything related to the medications, delivery, or prescription, you can drop a mail and get instant replies from the customer care team. With 24/7 customer care, online pharmacies ensure query resolution at earliest. Your order is never delayed, and they provide realistic timelines for the deliveries. However, in acute cases, a user can contact customer care and get their medicines faster, especially if they are alone and ill.

Online pharmacies are the go-to marketplace for buying medicines as they make the process easier and is suited for the user. These e-commerce stores are a boon for everyone and not just the people who are ill and live alone. If you have elders in your home and they require medicines on a regular basis, you can buy them online and have them delivered right at your footsteps. An online pharmacy provides best deals and 100% authentic medicines.

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