Self-Care Tips for Varicose Veins and Latest Outpatient Treatment Methods

Self-Care Tips for Varicose Veins and Latest Outpatient Treatment Methods

There are different treatments out there for varicose veins. Many of these are straightforward outpatient therapies. However, there are surgical procedures available now such as laser treatment and sclerotherapy.

If you are suffering from this condition, but do not want to undergo surgery, there are some lifestyle changes that you can try to alleviate the symptoms.

Home care tips for varicose veins

  • Elevate the affected leg/s as much as possible. If you are part of a profession that requires you to stand for hours, try taking breaks. It is ideal to raise your legs above the level of your heart to get a good effect. Do it for half an hour each time.
  • Try to wear compression stockings. The ideal approach is to wear them during morning hours when the veins are less swollen. If you wear it and experience worse pain with walking, remove them and urgently see a healthcare professional.
  • If you are overweight, you should immediately cut down fat from your daily diet. A healthy fiber-rich, low-fat, low-salt diet is ideal when you are suffering from varicose veins.
  • Try to avoid alcohol, which causes vein dilation.
  • Immediately consult a physician if you face problems like urinary retention, cough, or constipation along with varicose vein.
  • Avoid wearing any tight clothing such as belts or girdles.
  • Never keep your legs crossed while sitting.
  • Walking is an excellent exercise as per the Vein Treatment Houston experts. It will help your calf muscles to force the blood out of the deeper venous system and get freshened.
  • If you are going on a road trip or traveling through the air for a longer period, try to get up from the seat and walk around for some time each hour. It is the same if you do a job by sitting at a desk all day.

Latest varicose vein treatments

There are many advanced cosmetic treatment methods to clear varicose veins, which you can consider. Here we will discuss a couple of most standard therapies as below.


The procedure includes injecting chemicals into the vein. It eradicates the possibility of a surgical scar, which makes it ideal for those who are conscious about the beauty of their legs. However, a few things to note about sclerotherapy include:

  • Sclerotherapy is not proven to be entirely successful in alleviating all varicose vein symptoms and prevention of further formation.
  • Complications related to the procedure include allergic reaction, burning at injection sites, stinging sensation, skin ulcerations, inflammation, and skin discoloration and so on.
  • Bandages should be left for around three weeks at the injections sites.
  • Compression stocking should be worn after sclerotherapy.

Laser treatment

Lasers are found to be highly effective in treatment for varicose veins, but it is used mostly in treating smaller veins, which are medically known as telangiectasias.

  • The treated veins may be small, only up to about 1 mm in diameter and represent the dilated capillaries.
  • It may cause permanent discoloration of skin or change in the texture of the skin.
  • Multiple session may be required for laser therapy.
  • Larger varicosities cannot be treated well with laser therapy.

In any case, you need to get a proper consultation and opinion of a specialist before going ahead with varicose vein treatment. It is also essential to do the treatments procedures at a reputed healthcare facility by an experienced professional.

Kim Barret is a physician, who now specializes in Vein Treatment Houston. He has also written a complete book on spider vein treatment.

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