Movavi Video Editor {Review}

Movavi Video Editor {Review}

With so many different video editors out there, it is often hard to tell what exactly sets them apart. If you’ve tried some in the past however, you may have noticed that many tend to be either too basic or too complicated – with little middle ground between them.

Fortunately Movavi Video Editor bucks that trend by providing a powerful video editor that is designed to be easy to use. In doing so it can offer you the best of both worlds, and allow you to start editing your videos even if you have little or no experience.

Intuitively Designed

If there is one word that sums up the design of Movavi Video Editor, it is: Intuitive. Every aspect of it from its user interface to its features are designed in such a way that you can immediately start using them with practically no learning curve whatsoever.

The clean and simple user interface of Movavi Video Editor is easy to navigate, and makes finding features quick and effective. On the other hand the features themselves use familiar actions that will feel natural – such as dragging and dropping elements, adjusting sliders, resizing windows, and so on.

Comprehensive Features

Alongside its intuitive design, Movavi Video Editor has a wide range of features that can go toe-to-toe against any other video editor out there. With its features you could:

  • Split your videos into segments and trim out any unwanted parts.
  • Merge video clips together and rearrange their sequence.
  • Apply filters and special effects to transform the visual atmosphere.
  • Include audio tracks containing background music or a voiceover and control the sound levels in each track individually.
  • Insert animated transitions to link video segments together.
  • Transform the audio with a variety of unique audio effects.
  • Improve the video quality either manually or automatically, and fix common issues such as blurry, shaky or pixelated images.
  • Add text fields that can be customized and animated to create unique titles, captions, subtitles or watermarks.

Although the features listed above are just a sampling of what Movavi Video Editor contains, you should be starting to see that they cover every aspect that you would need when editing your videos. With its tools you could easily create professional-looking videos that have the polish and flair that you desire.

Assuming you’re a beginner, Movavi Video Editor is a great way to start editing videos with absolutely no difficulty. On the other hand even if you’re more experienced you’ll still benefit and find that its intuitive nature allows you to edit your video faster and more efficiently. All in all it is an excellent video editor that will help you ensure your videos look precisely the way that you want by the time you’re done with them.

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