Fashion Information, Tips and More at abof

Fashion Information, Tips and More at abof

Of the many large fashion e-tailers in India, abof is arguably one of the most ambitious in its customer experience approach. The Aditya Birla Group owned website is currently home to more than 120 brands including exclusive celebrity brands like SKULT by Shahid Kapoor.

From its launch in 2015, the online platform has gradually been creating a niche of being fashion and lifestyle focused, a platform where you can get into the trends and not just pick up a product and check out.

It is all about fashion, as the motto of the website dictates. Here are 5 of the cool features of abof that make it more than just your regular garment selling website.

Look of the Day

In the flurry of discounted items and flash sales, sites like abof remind buyers that fashion is about more than just availability at the end of the day. The look of the day section splashes on the intro page and leads browsers into new eclectic mix and matches or garments.

A snippet of fashion tips and education is always welcome. This daily feature is curated for men and women separately and is presented based on the latest trends.

Expert Advice and Trends

The site takes its fashion advice duties very seriously. Image heavy pieces of what is hot for what occasion are a common feature. What are the celebrities up to? A continuous flow of updates on what desi and Hollywood celebs are wearing keeps abof’s fashion news content fresh.

Trial Rooms!

This is when the 3D technology comes to use. We all have seen plenty of online shopping horror stories being related on the internet. Red carpet gowns that fit like loose tunics or summer skirts that end up being suffocating tight are the scenarios we would love to avoid. Abof went ahead and introduced a virtual reality based trial room feature where you can choose an avatar, add your specific measurements and try out the garments on display.

The feature is being rolled out only on some products for now, but nevertheless is a great initiative to take out one of the uncertainties of online fashion shopping. It is also a great way to explore new styles that you have hesitated from trying out before.

Personalised Home Page

abof remembers what you like and can be that fashion consultant you have always craved for. By tracking your choices, the website creates a customised framework of fashion advice and tips that blend right in with your personal choices. With a strong AI support, you can enjoy some relevant information created just for you.

An Eclectic Mix

abof currently houses some of the top brands in the country. Aurelia, Rainbow and Biba are some of the most trending names in women’s ethnic wear. If you are looking for footwear for men, there are currently close to 3000 different designs. The best part of the product displays of abof are the short style tips that suggest perfect pairing the viewed piece with some other matching garments.

Shop and explore is the theme at abof. Its new features are opening a window to the endless possibilities of fashion to the discerning buyer, and everyone loves it.

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