5 Solutions When Your Pet Can’t Travel With You

5 Solutions When Your Pet Can't Travel With You

Anyone who has a pet can tell you that it’s a special kind of bond, and a special kind of love. Pets become our friends and members of our families, we see them as our equals and love them to the moon and back.

This is one of the reasons we hate to be separated from them – we are going to miss each other terribly. Still, there comes a time when you just can’t take them with you, and that’s when you have to start finding other options.

Hire a pet sitter

Pet sitters are often the best and the most convenient choice. Hiring a pet sitter is a good decision because your pet will be staying at home and won’t have to go through stress of changing their environment. You hire someone to come by, feed and walk your dog every day, so they don’t feel lonely. Of course, when choosing a sitter, you need to make sure they are working for a god agency, so that you don’t have to have privacy and security concerns.

Ask to see their reference and ask people for recommendation. Invite them to your home a couple of days before you leave to give them a chance to get to know your pets.

Take them to a friend’s house

For many people, this seems like the best possible choice because you choose the people you know for a long time and who you trust. On the other hand, you need to have an important and open conversation with your friend before you make a decision. Puppies are adorable and sweet to play with, but they demand constant attention and they can be rather destructive.

If your dog is still being trained, your friend might not know how to keep up the regime. As for older dogs, they are more mature and they can be a real pleasure to host, especially if they have their own routines. Still, not all dogs can change households with ease, and if your dog is more attached to your family, you might want to consider other options.

Vet’s office

It might seem like an easy, simple, and convenient idea to board your pets at your vet’s office. It’s the best choice if your pet is old or already has a chronic illness that needs to be monitored closely and carefully. There are many vets whose offices already include a separate day care/kennel area, which means that your animals will be able to spend time comfortably.

If, on the other hand, your dog is young, healthy, and very active, you might want to pick another accommodation, as being kept in a cage might be too stressful for them.

Find a house sitter

This is another form of pet sitting, but while some sitters stop by your house to feed and/or walk your pet, others can stay in your home. Depending on how much attention your pet needs, you can choose the first or the second option, but if you have dogs, they might need somewhere between 3 and 6 visits per day, depending on how old and healthy they are.

Besides, if you have multiple pets, they might be even further stressed if they are separated, so a house sitter is the best option. Just make sure you invite your sitter to your home before you leave, so you can see how well they and your pets get along.

Pet hotel or a kennel

For pets who are friendly, young, and active, kennel experience can resemble a real summer camp. They love socializing with other pets and they are free to do just as they please. Do a thorough inspection of the comfortable Cooltre dog boarding hotel in Perth you chose and make sure there is enough room for sleeping as well as for playing.

A good pet hotel will have fans that keep your pets cool during summer days, good air conditioning, so your dog or a cat can have a comfortable stay, and offer the best food. If your pet is allergic so something or requires a special kind of food, make sure the staff knows this before you drop them off.

When taking your pet with you is not an option, it’s important to start planning on time, because finding an alternative option isn’t going to be easy. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be gone just for a couple of days or six months, you should make sure that your pet is well taken care of. Think things through carefully and come up with a solution that good for all parties.

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