4 Best Practices for Modifying Your Home Plan According to Expert House Designers

4 Best Practices for Modifying Your Home Plan According to Expert House Designers

Economists have predicted that customization lies at the heart of future consumerism. Today, you have websites like Café press and Dazzle that allow consumers to customize everyday-life things such as t-shirts and coffee cups, and going forward, customization can only get easier with the proliferation of technologies like 3D printing. Given that you can customize just about everything, doesn’t it make sense that you should also be able to customize your most important asset: your home?

Now, this isn’t about creating a home plan through custom design services, which tends to be expensive for many consumers. Rather, this is about modifying an existing house plan in a process called plan ‘options’ or plan modifications. Your average home design company will have a vast array of home plans. Instead of spending time and money on custom plan design, you can describe your needs and preferences and then quickly have a plan that is closest to your dream home description delivered to you.

A few tweaks here and there can have your ideal home delivered to you for a fraction of the time and cost of paying for design from scratch.

Reasons for creating custom house plans

There are numerous reasons for and advantages of having customized house plans for your home construction project, and these include:

  • Uniquely shaped property lots/locations – When you have a uniquely shaped lot with unique terrain, you’ll need a plan that makes the best use of space as well as addresses the various construction challenges such a lot brings. With customization, you can try as much as possible to fit your preferences and needs into the state of the lot, as well as address external restrictions such as height limits and other building setbacks.
  • Budget and design considerations – Customized home plans allow you and your NIH Homes – custom home builder to consider your budget so that you can make cutbacks where needed and get the best home for the money you have.
  • Unique family needs – Instead of relying on a stock plan, custom home plans allow you to modify everything to fit your own unique needs. Do you have elderly relatives? You can have their rooms on the ground floor. People with wheelchairs? No worries; install ramps to enable them get around. Custom design takes care of your peeves and challenges so that you have a home your entire family is truly happy with.
  • Inexpensive – Custom design of existing stock plans is often less costly than having the whole plan designed from scratch.

Important note: always work with the original designers

When you’re customizing an existing house plan, it’s is crucial that the process be handled by the home’s original designer. This is important for many reasons:

  • The original designer knows any permitting or construction issues that arose when the home was constructed and can advise on how to mitigate such factors.
  • The project is likely to go faster since the designer already understands the design and can easily include your tweaks without negatively affecting other aspects (he/she can also advise where this happens).
  • You will enjoy industry discounts through the designer’s insider connections that will help you save even more on your new home

Just like the first tailor is best suited to make modifications on a dress, so should you trust the original designer to best customize your house plan. Simply visit custom home designers and builders today and get the best advice on constructing the home of your dreams.

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