3 Emergency Items You Should Always Have In Your Car

3 Emergency Items You Should Always Have In Your Car

You have an emergency kit in your house, but do you have one in your car? Being stranded in your car is even more dangerous than being in your house during power outages and severe weather.

Some of the items you need in a car emergency kit are old staples, like food.  

Technology, however, has made it easier to deal with being stranded and to get out of an emergency. Therefore, Tylt car accessories are an essential part of your car emergency kit.  

Here are three things you should always keep in your car in case of emergency:

A Wireless Portable Phone Charger

Even the best car charger for your phone will only work when your car is working.  If your car breaks down, how do you keep your phone charged?

A working cell phone is the key to staying safe in an emergency. Tylt portable power charging pads work through magnets.  

The VU Wireless Charging Car Mount is both a hands-free car mount and a smartphone wireless charger.

Simply place your smartphone in and squeeze the holding arms and it will start charging your phone,  no fumbling for connectors or cords and no need to plug your phone in to charge.

Therefore, they can charge your phone and other mobile devices from anywhere, even when there is no electrical source.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables can make the difference between a short time and a long time of being stranded.  It can be very frustrating to call around until you find someone with jumper cables. It can take even longer to find a helpful stranger who has them.

If you keep jumper cables in your car, you can avoid these problems.

Water and Non-Perishable Food

All the technology in the world cannot erase the fact that humans need food and water to survive. Keep enough water for several days in your car.

You should also keep non-perishable food items that you can eat if you are stranded for a long time. 

Some foods to keep in your car include nuts, raisins, and jerky, fruit snacks & many more items etc.

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