Summer Festive Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Summer Festive Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Summer is the season of festivals and parties. There are all sorts of occasions to attend from weddings to book fairs. So, how does a modern gentleman juggle these occasions in style? Here are the best tips for the modern gentleman to navigate in the biggest festivities of the year in style – and stay elegant in those small parties with friends.

Tips for behaving like a true gent

Let’s first address the most important part of what makes you a gentleman: your behaviour. If you don’t know how to behave in different occasions, then no one will think of you as a gentleman no matter what.

Stop sharing posts on social media without asking permission. If you want to share information about the party or post a photo on social media, never do so without asking for permission first.

Don’t drink excessively. You don’t want to appear wasted in public. Therefore, the modern man picks drinks, he can handle – whisky and craft beer are great options – and he always remembers to eat and drink a glass of water per every drink he has.

Be part of the discussion but don’t just talk. When you are attending an event, you want to be part of the occasion and not just end up sitting in a corner. Remember to talk and engage in conversation, even when the topics might not seem that interesting to you. Just make sure you’re not the only one talking and never make everything you say about you.

Tips for dressing up

But a modern gentleman also needs to look the part. The style tips for the summer’s festivities include:

Rolling your shirt sleeves for a relaxed summer look. Since the weather is warmer, you’ll probably want to roll your sleeves up at some point. The key is to do it correctly. Start by flipping the cuff back and pull it to slightly below your elbow. Take the inside-out portion of the sleeve and fold it up. This will trap and cover the bottom cuff and you’ll look stylish.

Go with velvet for fancy occasions. If you are attending a fancy event such as a wedding or an evening party, you should go with velvet jacket or blazer. The fabric adds just a bit of flair to your look and it will look elegant in the summer sun.

Wear cotton blazer for the more relaxed occasions. On the other hand, when it comes to dressing to a festival or daytime drinks with friends, you want to wear soft cotton. Cotton in a light colour will add a more relaxed feel to your look.

Well-tailored shorts are perfect summer pants. Well-tailored shorts are great for the modern gentleman when it comes to relaxed parties. You can find a great selection from River Island, for example.

Tips for grooming

You’ll also need to pay attention to your grooming. A modern gentleman doesn’t just want to wear the right clothes, but also look the part in terms of hair and facial hair.

Get a cut and trim right before the event. Unless you’ve been to the hairdresser in the last week or two, you want to get it cut before your big event. A modern gentleman will opt for classic haircuts this year. Furthermore, while beards are definitely a thing for a modern gentleman, you need to keep it trimmed and preferable use bear oils to add that extra shine to your look.

Tips for finishing touches

Now, festivities often also include gifts and games. A modern gentleman has to master these in order to make a mark.

Have a go at gentleman worthy sports. While you don’t want to get all hot and sweaty during a party, you might have to do a bit of sports in festivals or fun gatherings. You should, therefore, have a go at modern sports like Frisbee golf. Old favourites are also great to know how to play so don’t turn your back on croquette and tennis either.

Shop for good quality gifts. Many festivities might also require you to bring a gift with you. You don’t want to pick anything generic such a bottle of wine from Tesco. Always make the gift personalised and focus your attention on quality. A modern gentleman will show up with top-quality coffee beans, exotic spices, fine chocolate or quirky kitchen gadget, such as metal cocktail skewers. is a great place to find discount coupons on such unique & quality gifts from name brands.

With these tips in mind, you can navigate the summer’s festivities in style. You’ll be dressed for success and your behaviour will make you seem like a true, modern gentleman.

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