Save on the go with the Saivian Mobile App

Save on the go with the Saivian Mobile App

In these busy times we are all on the run more and more. There are deadlines, meetings and outings that quickly fill up a lot of people’s schedules. In order to keep track of everything, most people almost always have their trusty phones by their sides.

What if you could be using apps on your phone to save you money? The Saivain Mobile App is one such app that after a simple download, could in turn end up saving your money. Read on to see if this app might be a good choice for you.

What is the Saivian Mobile App?

The Saivian  mobile app is a way to earn up to 20% cash back as you make purchases you would be doing on a day to day basis anyway. You download the app, pay the membership fee, scan your receipts and watch the pay back money add up in your account. It’s an easy way to earn cash back on doing all the normal life chores you have to do anyway.

How the Saivian Mobile App can Save you Money

Most of us do a fair bit of shopping each month. A purchase there, a purchase here, can really add up over the course of a month. As you scan your receipts from preferred businesses and send them in, the app keeps track of your purchases. As long as the business has an actual brick and motor store location, purchases from that business should be eligible for cash back. It then calculates your cash back reward. If you are a higher spender with amounts totaling $600 or more per month, this app may be of particular interest to you.

Ways to make money with Saivian

If you are a superstar at networking and referring people, you may be able to make even more money by using Saivian. They have an enticing referral program when you get at least three other people to sign up for the app. Daily cash back incentives start at $5 and quickly jump to $10 upwards for the more people you can refer to sign on. Now this could be an easy way to watch your dollars add up.

Should I try to Saivian Mobile App?

There is essentially no risk to trying the Saivian App. As long as you purchase by credit card, you have 72 hours to cancel your subscription and receive a refund. During that time you can look all around their website and ensure that you feel like this product will be worthwhile for you. If you are a user and decide this app is not for you, you can go into your profile and cancel your subscription for the next billing membership cycle.

With all the busy and hard work you are putting into living a fulfilled life, why not try to earn 20% back on your daily activities anyway? So start rewarding yourself with cash back and using the Saivian Mobile App today. Happy savings!

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