Reasons for Using the Pedelec E-Bike

Reasons for Using the Pedelec E-Bike

There is a rising number of bike lanes being added on major roadways as the community of cyclists continues to grow. It is therefore a good time for you to invest in a bicycle. But don’t just go for any old bicycle – why not get a pedelec or pedal assist e-bike. This hallowed hybrid has the workings of a traditional bicycle and the convenience of a car.

An electric bike makes it possible for you travel greater distances than you would have with a traditional bike. Modern pedelecs bring together technically advanced functionality with sophisticated design and style.

The motor in the pedal assist system of the pedelec is engaged as soon as you start pedaling, providing you with additional propulsion as you cycle. The electricity used to power the motor is stored in a rechargeable battery. In other words, the energy generated from your pedaling powers both the motor and the rear wheel of the pedelec.

So, what’s so great about pedelecs?

Avoid the hassles of public transport

With pedelecs, you can easily avoid the irksome affair of having to tolerate the sweaty bodies cramped together in a subway. You need not worry about getting to a work presentation late because of a strike by all city bus drivers or running to catch a train only to find that your transit card has run out.

The pedelec e-bike allows you to take control of your commute. You get to enjoy the open road and fresh air with no surprise hassles, and neither do you have to contend with exposure to suspiciously stained seats and high levels of body odor.

Dash from door to door

You can easily reduce your commute time as you don’t have to factor in traffic jams and train delays, thanks to an easy, breezy ride on your pedelec. That translates to more time to have a nice cup of coffee or go for a Pilates class before heading off to work. Pedelecs easily outperform regular bikes, getting you to the office in less time.

No sweat

When using the motor assist, you use less energy on a pedelec than you would on a regular bike. Long distances and steep hills are therefore more manageable and you don’t sweat as much as you would with a regular bike because of less strain. This is especially important when using the pedelec to commute to work in the morning; you don’t want to arrive at work all sweaty.

Exercise and ease

The pedelec is a two-fold, two-wheeled innovation; not only do you enjoy the convenience of moving around without a car (along with the accompanying costs), you also get plenty of exercise through pedaling. You can ride your bike for long distances with less effort. An hour of moderate cycling on the pedelec will burn approximately 300 to 350 calories.

The above list may not be exhaustive but it mentions some of the numerous benefits of riding a pedelec electric bicycle rather than traveling by car or using a regular bicycle.

Leonard E. Monzon has been enthralled by electric bikes for years. He enjoys the fact that hiss pedelec e-bike helps him use his car less and save gas, all the while giving him a good workout as he commutes to work.

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