How to Maximise Your Solar Power Setup

How to Maximise Your Solar Power Setup

You took the first step in reducing your carbon footprint by installing a solar energy system for your house or business. Once a homeowner has installed a solar power system into their home, they have to make sure that they get the most out of it.

This article will go over five tips to make sure your system is working at its fullest potential.

  1. Professional Installation

The most obvious point is to ensure your solar energy system is professionally installed. Many homeowners will decide to take a shortcut and install the system themselves, but the money they save initially can be lost if the panels don’t work correctly. A professional will know where and how to install the panels to maximize their potential.

  1. Optimal Placement

You can get the most out of your panels by making sure they are installed in a place they will get the most sun exposure. They should also be tilted at an angle toward the sun. Some homeowners may be emotionally attached to a part of their property and decide to install the panels where the overall aesthetic won’t be altered, regardless of sun exposure. This will have a negative impact on the panel’s potential.

  1. Insulation

You should try to keep the energy you get from the panels inside as much as possible. Your windows should be double-paned, and any door should be insulated. You should also limit your trips inside and outside, as a lot of energy will be lost through doors opening and closing.

  1. Maintenance states that while solar panels are low maintenance, you will have to perform some small tasks to keep your system running to its fullest potential. Every three months, check that the panels are secure and undamaged. If you live in an area that sees snowfall, clean the panels off so the sun can reach them. Also, if you reside in an area that sees a lot of dust or dirt blowing around, wipe them down with a clean rag. Be aware of tree placement, as they might have to be trimmed to ensure enough sunlight gets through.

  1. Shop Around

After you decide to have solar panels installed, start shopping around and getting estimates for installation. You should begin doing in-depth research and look online for reviews and certifications. Take SolarCity customer reviews for example, this site lists the positive and the negative as reported by clients who have used the company. It talks about payment options, contracts, warranties, and their referral program. All of this information laid out in one convenient place makes it very easy for customers to compare companies and pick the best one that suits their needs.

Solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. They want to do their part to improve the world in their own way, and solar power is an excellent way to start. If you follow these tips, you should have a solar energy system that works for you to its fullest potential.

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