Insights to Help you Write Forceful Topic Sentences

Insights to Help you Write Forceful Topic Sentences

Using topic sentences is one of the best ways of enhancing your reader’s experience as they interact with your writings. Whether you are writing posts for Web ordinary readership or you are offering SEO-copywriting service, sentence topics will help you in the process of enforcing the readability of your writings and the logical flow of your ideas. Placed at the beginning of your paper, these sentences help your readers establish the harmonious flow of your ideas from one sentence to another.

However, these sentences will not benefit you much if you only know about their benefits without knowing how to write them. With the above awareness in mind, we will discuss insights that will help you improve your ability to write compelling and captivating topic sentences.

  • Use clear wording

Since these sentences are supposed to enhance clarity in the flow of your arguments, craft them using clear words that will help your readers to understand your writing. If you use complicated and ambiguous words, you will confuse the reader by clouding the remaining sentences with ambiguity and confusion.

  • Keep it concise and brief

Before drafting the sentence, you have to understand that a topic sentence should not replace the role of the remaining sentences in the paragraph. On the contrary, it has to set the stage for them to play their role. That is why you do not need to include all the details here or lest you defeat its role as a guidepost. If you intend to discuss several things, there is no need to list them here. Take this sentence for example:

The enactment of this law will benefit mothers, children, and fathers in many ways.

This sentence contains excess information. You can redraft it to read like this:

The enactment of this law will benefit all the members of the family in many ways.

  • Draft it using your own words

It is true that quoting other people enhances the credibility and authority of your writing. However, avoid using quotations in your topic sentences. The reason is that topic sentences introduce your thoughts, and using another person’s thoughts only undermines your authority and originality.

  • Keep the promise

Remember, one of the functions of your topic sentences is to introduce your reader to what you intend to discuss in your paragraphs. If you do not intend to discuss a thought in a paragraph, don’t promise it in the sentence because it will tantalize your reader and then disappoint them in the end when they fail to find it.

Doing so is like titling your article, “20 facts you need to know about fish farming” and then you discuss only 14 of them. You can be sure that your reader will feel cheated and they will see you as another excited and novice writer who wasted their time without delivering on their promise.

  • Let it show the what and why of your discussion

Another way of making these sentences more forceful is introducing the reader to the why behind the what you are going to discuss. But when doing so, you have to keep brevity and clarity at the back of your mind.

  • Avoid unnecessary introductions

You need to avoid introductions such as, “I will talk to you about this and that…” On the contrary, introduce your ideas straight away.

  • Do not make it too broad

Another way of making a topic sentence more impactful is confining it to what you intend to discuss and exhaust in your paragraph. For example, don’t say, “Physical exercises have mental benefits” when you can only discuss one benefit, for example, enhanced mental alertness. If you know your paragraph will allow you to discuss only one metal benefit, it is better to state it at the beginning of your paragraph.

In our case, you can introduce that paragraph by saying something like, “The improved mental alertness that comes from regular physical exercises benefits different areas of your life.” In the remaining sentences, you can mention those areas of life that benefit from exercises, for instance, how it can help you to improve your memory for better performance at school.

  • Remember the principles of introductions

Above all, you need to remember that your topic sentence is an introductory tool. This awareness needs to remind you to include all the ingredients that will enable it to capture the attention and interest of the reader. Just as you take efforts to introduce your writings in a captivating manner, you should also apply the same principles to hook your readers to the particular paragraph you are introducing.

Topic sentences are powerful introductory tools for facilitating a smooth transition from one paragraph to another. They allow your readers to transition seamlessly without losing the interest they had in the previous paragraph they read. When writing them, you should make them specific and brief, while allowing you enough room to discuss everything you promise your reader.

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