Effective Concussion Treatment & Recovery Tips

Effective Concussion Treatment & Recovery Tips

The present treatment for concussion focuses on waiting it out, giving your brain the required time to heal itself. As per the findings of new research about neuroplasticity, it has been established that adult brains would certainly heal themselves as they have the unique capacity to regenerate, particularly; build new neural pathways post an age-related damage or an injury.

Correct concussion treatment and effective recovery tips could help in successfully and promptly healing your head. It is essential to follow the concussion recovery tips as that could help in slashing a number of weeks or even months from your recovery schedule. You would gradually experience that nausea, headaches, dizziness, and all other concussion-associated symptoms would be subsiding by implementing effective recovery tips.

Moreover, you would be able to counter and combat depression, debilitating emotions related to your injury and anxiety if you religiously follow the following practical recovery tips. However, in this context, you must remember that each brain happens to be quite different from another.

You must consider getting an MRI, consulting with a qualified neurologist, and seek help and support from your family and friends. It helps to chalk out a customized recovery plan based on your unique requirements. Here are some essential concussion treatment and recovery tips.

Allow for Complete Cognitive Rest

There are two robust principles supporting & fortifying concussion recovery. The two pillars are cognitive rest and mood management. First of all, try to give your brain the necessary rest. You need to cut out the noise level and bright lighting around you.

Try using sunglasses and earplugs to block out needless neural stress. When you have been successful in restricting activity from the external world, you need to calm down your inner self. You must seek the magical road to meditation. You could opt for Metta Bhavana meditation and /or Vipassana meditation for ultimate peace of mind.

Mood Management Is the Key

Research and experience have proved that your brain would not be able to heal itself despite sufficient cognitive rest if you are unable to manage your mood or keep it under control. There is a definite correlation between your mood and the actual state of your recovery.

When you are feeling optimistic, hopeful, and relaxed, you would at once, see that your concussion symptoms would subside.

Identify a Health Care Provider Ready to Make an ImPACT

Many sports medicine specialists are today using a cutting-edge computerized brain function testing known as ImPACT that allows them to isolate and identify the exact area of the brain that has been impacted by a concussion. This would be immensely helpful in determining the most effective course of treatment.

Many of these qualified health care professionals would be coordinating with physiotherapists, as well as Occupational Therapists specializing in post-concussion treatments such as vestibular rehabilitation.


There are many more concussion recovery suggestions. You need to stay dedicated and patient. Determination and a strong will would help you emerge victorious in difficult situations. Remember to keep constant track of all your symptoms, lie down whenever you feel tired, and uplift your mood in the company of close friends and family.

Judith Jenkins is a health care professional who runs her own blog. Her recent post on concussion treatment and recovery has been extremely helpful and inspiring for the readers.

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