Contentmart for Clients Looking for Top Quality Content

Contentmart for Clients Looking for Top Quality Content

Do you need top quality content for your business? Have you been looking for a content writing company everywhere? End your search by choosing Contentmart for your content requirements.

It is the best place to hire professional writer because there are 62,000+ writers, who are willing to take up your project at the lowest price. Did you know that you can post an order of a 500 word article at $5 on Contentmart? Do not be too surprised because there are never-ending benefits which we have reviewed in this article.

Contentmart is our personal favourite because it is a great platform for content creators to earn and content buyers to buy content at the most reasonable price. Who will provide you a high quality 1000 word piece for $9? Nobody! Take a quick look at the review and you will be happy to work with Contentmart!

Join Contentmart as a Client

In order to post a project, you need to register on Contentmart.

How to do that?

It is simple! Just register as a client. Make sure that you verify your mail address in order to start posting projects. If you do not verify your mail, you cannot proceed further. You can also sign up with Facebook!

Create an Order Easily!

You need to create an order as to get bids on it. You need to write the order title and then describe it well so that the writers understand what you require.

You can set the price of the project as per your budget. You may have a budget of $5 for 500 word count. Set the deadline of the project. You may have a deadline to abide by! The writers will make it a point to submit it within the deadline.

Set a Winner for your Project

You need to set a winner for the project! Everybody cannot be a winner and so, you need to take a glance of the portfolios of the writers. If you find that a writer has good ratings and reviews, you can set them as winner for the project.

You can hire the freelance content writer and chat with them directly. This is the best feature of Contentmart. In case the writer has any doubts, they can reach your directly. The clients are in direct touch with the writers. However, when you hire a professional writer from Contentmart, you cannot send your personal details to them. The system monitors the chat between a writer and a client. If the writer shares their personal details like mail address, skype or contact number, they will get blocked from the system.

It is best to work within the boundaries of Contentmart! There are valid reasons for this because the writers do not take your work seriously and there are payment hassles outside Contentmart.

Adding Funds to Your Account

In order to pay your writers, you will need to add money to your account. You can do that through PayPal, Paytm, Net Banking, Debit or Credit card. You can pay the writer in Dollars on Indian Rupees. It is very easy and secure to use your credit card or debit card on the Contentmart system!

Translation Services for Your Business

If you want translation services, you can choose Contentmart because there are expert translators from all over the world, who are a part of the Contentmart family. You will get accurate translated texts because the translators have several years of expertise and a good hold on the language.

Why Contentmart?

Contentmart is a content writing company which is giving you the freedom to choose a writer and set the most reasonable price for your order. No other platform allows you to chat with the writer directly before setting the winner!

Your business will flourish with good content. If you have a deadline for tomorrow, you can post a project now and get it by tonight. All you need to do hire content writer from Contentmart. Join now!

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