Sweet Treats that Are Not Bad For You

Sweet Treats that Are Not Bad For You

When you think of sweets, you automatically think of blood sugar dangers. Ice creams, chocolates, cakes—all of which you’ve resisted the temptation for a long time.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep saying ‘NO’ to these decadent treats. You can make your sweet tooth happy with these healthy desserts that won’t harm you.

Make room for these sweet treats that are not bad for you:

  1. Fruit smoothie

Image Crtedit: (c) youngfitambitious93

Instead of going for flavored milkshakes, opt for fruit smoothies instead. To make the smoothie creamy, add a bit of soymilk or yogurt.

You might be thinking, “but smoothies and milkshakes are almost the same!” Smoothies are the healthier option since it’s blended and contain fresh fruit spiced up with some chocolate or another flavor. On the other hand, milkshakes are made from milk and ice cream.

Here are some sweet and easy smoothie recipes to get you started.

  1. Cereal and milk

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Cereal and milk is a staple breakfast item served by families across the world. There are many variants of cereals such as corn, rice, wheat, etc., but to make cereals healthy, go for high-fiber and whole-grain flavors and then, zest it up with some honey, nuts, or peeled fruits.

Here are some recipes to try for your breakfast cereal.

  1. Frozen grapes

Image Credit: (c) iamkelliee

The cold may not bother you, but frozen grapes are a healthy snack you can munch on for when you need a healthy boost. These are packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and Resveratrol (may aid in lower levels of LDL cholesterol and healthier blood vessels).

So, freeze your grapes for a few hours and snack away!

  1. French toast and sweet potato pancake

Image Credit: (c) tracee_cali

Waffles and pancakes may be breakfast’s iconic duo, but you can always add new flavors to your breakfast menu. Go for French toasts and whole-wheat sweet potato pancakes, and top it up with fruits for a healthy twist.

Here’s a recipe on how to combine these two breakfast makers.

  1. Soy hot chocolate

Image Credit: (c) lisashambrook

Hot chocolate is loved all over the world. For the times when you’re cold and need a little warm me up, hot chocolate is there. This favorite drink is now made healthy by adding skim or soymilk as its base. Be careful not to overdose on chocolate syrup too!

Here’s a quick recipe for this hot chocolate sweetie.

  1. Baked fruits

Image Credit: (c) dr_bojana

There are healthy frozen sweet treats, and there’s also baked healthy sweet treats. When the cold season kicks in, it’s time to bake some apples, berries, or pears in the oven and top it off with some cinnamon or honey. Remember to remove the pie crust for a savory treat.

Here are recipes on how to revamp your baked fruit experience.

  1. Iced fruit popsicles

Image Credit: (c) pene.joslen

No sugar, no additional elements—just a frozen juicy treat perfect for all kinds of season and activity. It’s as easy as ABCs too! Just cut some chunks of your chosen fruit, add some lime juice, freeze, and enjoy the treat.

  1. Yogurt fruit tart

Image Credit: (c) najiaskitchen

Fruit tarts are perfect for breakfasts and afternoon delights. Achieve this yummy yet healthy yogurt fruit tart by excluding refined sugar, butter, or flour. It’s guilt-free, pleasing to the eyes, and appeal to your sweet tooth!

Here’s an easy guide on making this dessert in just 20 minutes

  1. Oat cookies

Image Credit: (c) pablitowaw

Craving chocolate chip cookies? Go for oat cookies instead! Cookies have always been close to the heart of people. With lots of variants and flavors appearing, it’s no secret that a healthy cookie will be made for those who can’t have too much sugar. Spice up your oat cookies with some dried fruits and nuts for a perfect light treat.

Here’s a healthy honey oatmeal cookie recipe to try.

  1. Yogurt parfait

Image Credit: (c) healthyhomehelp

Here’s a healthy alternative to ice creams: yogurt parfaits! You can never go wrong with some yogurt topped to your parfait.

For an easy treat, get 1 cup of yogurt (plain or vanilla) and choose your preferred topping (e.g. honey, crackers, fruits, nuts, and/or some bits of chocolate) you can add into it.

A little bit of sweetness is always a good thing. Just a glimpse of it can cheer you up and be energized for the rest of the day. Also, every great food presentation is an opportunity to capture it and share it with the world before you partake in its delicious goodness (sometimes, the dessert is prepared in a way where it’s a shame to take a piece out of it or eat it).

The next time you think of having a guilt-free dessert trip, talk to Ralph Wunsch for some pretty sweet ideas on food presentation and photography.

Happy dessertin’!

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