PCB Design Software – Top 6 You Must Think About

PCB Design Software - Top 6 You Must Think About

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. It is an open source and free software which is used for EDA i.e. electronic design automation. It is a board in connector used for physical support and wiring in most electronic products. Scondar is the best name in the market for board in connectors.

There are many PCB design software in the market which can be used to according to their features but which to choose is usually a debatable issue. To understand the features of all of them you should be able to give some time which is worth its while.

Following are the top 6 PCB design software which you must give a thought to using when building a PCB:


1). Zenith PCB


Known to be the top of its kind PCB designing tool, it has an excellence in creating a professional Printed Circuit Board. With the help of its flexibility and ease in use this tools helps you to finish your projects in the stipulated time. With the help of the Zenith PCB layout you can either develop the projects by starting from the schematic capture or also from the layout itself.


2). Fritzing


Fritzing is open source software with four different types of tools of its own. They are:

  • Schematic capture tool: here you are enabled to import nearly all the components and many of the third party boards which will help you get your schematic ready in no time.
  • PCB layout tool: this tool is for developing the PCB but it does not have so many remarkable features as compared to its counterparts.
  • Breadboard view tool: this lets you import many third party cool looking boards.
  • Coding IDE: this tool helps you to program an AVR or PICAXE

This cross platform application is enabled to run windows, Linux and Mac OS.


3). KiCAD


This is the most popular free PCB design software till date as it is fully features and open sourced. A cross platform as well as a multilingual application it runs flawlessly on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Following are its main tools:

  • This software is a project manager that sees to every little detail of the project.
  • Eeshchema: This is a schematic drawing tool and is also enabled to import schematics
  • PCBnew: This is a PCB layout designer and can also make a 3D model of the final make.
  • Gerbv: This enables the user to view the Gerber files, drill files and also export them to other formats when needed.
  • Bitmap2component: It enables the user to develop new component footprint. This is beneficial when the user is using the custom part.

There are many open source hardware projects which have used KiCAD for designing their PCB. The only disability of this software is that it is in need of some improvement.

4). Eagle

The Eagle is one of the most favored software by users ranging from people who make PCB’s as a hobby to the corporation levels. The other reason for gaining favorism is that it runs effortlessly on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. This software has been purchased by Autodesk from CadSoft. The size of the board on which the Eagle software can be used is something to crib about as the software does not support boards bigger in size than 80 x 100 square mm but downloading and using it is still worth a try.

5). EasyEDA

This is a complete all in one PCB design software. It is web based software and you do not have to install anything to use it. It works absolutely fine in workbooks. This is much recent software but it is fast reaching the top favorites in the software world. You can do the following things with the help of this software:

  • Schematic capture.
  • PCB layout design
  • SPICE simulation
  • Gerber file generation

6). gEDA

This software is an open source cross platform PCB designing software and runs efficiently on Linux, BSD, macOS as well as windows. This software has a close competition with KiCAD. This is a great tool for the basics of schematic capture and designing of the PCB but it is not favorable to be used for larger designs as it does not have the ease of workflow.

So, this is a comprehensive list of the 6 most sought after PCB designing software which you should spare a glance at.

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