How to Maximize your Workday

How to Maximize your Workday

We all had those: “Oh my God I’ve been sitting here for three hours and I haven’t done anything but scrolled through the entire internet and made a custom dent in my chair” moments while sitting behind our work desks. It is normal that occasionally we just shouldn’t have gotten out of our beds, or slept for that extra 5 minutes, or maybe chosen to miss that Grey’s anatomy episode last night and got to bed an hour earlier.

However, when you realize that these moments are happening daily, then it is definitely time for some changes. I’ve created a list of best ways to maximize your productivity at work. Read carefully.

1. You can’t plan life, but you can plan your days

The night or the morning before work, list all the tasks you need to accomplish. You will be prepared with directions and intentions. You will no longer have to rush and waste your time and energy – in other words you will also save your nerves.

Later, you can start planning your weeks, years and decades. After all, planning generates a progressive mindset, and it is exactly what we are aiming for.

2. Priorities?

We often tend to start our day with all those easy and unimportant tasks because we think that it will be easier this way. What happens is that after doing all those unnecessary tasks, we lose most of the energy we were supposed to use for our big project.

Know what your priorities are and always do harder and more important tasks first! Not only it will be a huge relief, but it will also make your day run way more smoothly.

3. Give yourself a break

Being productive doesn’t mean that you should push yourself over your limits. You will end up being irritated, distracted, confused etc., in other words – not productive at all.

Make at least two breaks during your work day when you will go outside and catch some fresh air, have a snack, walk around etc. not turn away from your computer and take your phone to scroll through Instagram. You will notice that this will definitely maximize your working potential.

4. Stay positive

Yes I know, the cliché-est among all the clichés. However, people often tend to forget that positive mental attitude is a very important part of any life situation. The attitude is what shapes our perception of the day.

Wake up in the morning and remind yourself that you are happy. Persuade yourself that you are the luckiest person in the world because you have so much things to do today – you are going to reach your full potential today and feel fulfilled! Instead of focusing on problems – focus on solutions. Expect a miracle every single day and many positive things are going to happen.

5. Don’t waste time

In other words, make sure you eliminated all the time-wasters. While you are at work, focus strictly at work. Avoid all the gossiping, personal phone calls, e-mails etc. – all of that can wait until your shift is finished. Your business time is precious.

6. Forget about social media

Did you know that an average person spends more than 3 hours a day socializing online? That is more than quarter of our awake time! Imagine all the things you can do in 3 hours.

Now, the best would be to uninstall all of your social media apps while being at work, but if that is too much for you, simply remove them from your home screen, as well as the toolbar on your computer browser. There is nothing new, or important for you there anyway, and you know it.

7. Multitasking is a myth

Physically, we can’t multitask. Our brains simply just joggle their attention from one task to the other. You have probably noticed that you can never finish your “multitasks” on a high standard. And not to mention that multitasking doesn’t save time at all – it just takes more of it. Focus on one thing at a time – all the time.

8. Cognitive enhancers on the other hand are not

You probably already heard about those magic cognitive pills like Lucid smart pill for example. These are actually “drugs” that improve your memory, creativity and motivation. If you lack concentration, you should definitely consider taking one of these every now and then. Maybe “Limitless” was based on a true story after all? (wink)

9. Use dead time

What are you doing while you are sitting on a bus and going to work? Or while sitting at the doctor’s office and waiting? If your answer is: playing games on my phone, looking through the window or listening to music; you are wasting the valuable time. Instead, you could be making some notes, sending e-mails or planning the next day. Get yourself used on being productive all the time, not just while being at work.

10. Avoid conflicts

Not all people you work with are going to be great. You will probably hate at least 20% of them, and that is totally fine – you are here to work, not to make BFFs. And this is exactly the vibe you want to spread – there is no reason to fight or sweat over the small things, as well as there is no reason to stress out about a slow WiFi connection, slow computer or overfilled trashcan. Shut up and do the thing you are here for – your work.

Follow these 10 advises and you will definitely conquer the business world.

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