How to Find the Best Robot Vacuum in Your Budget

How to Find the Best Robot Vacuum in Your Budget

None of us want to spend our precious weekends vacuuming our houses. Who wants to know what is hidden under the cupboard or stuck between your couch? But let’s face it, we cannot do away without doing it at all. Imagine what if your parents were dropping in? Or your colleagues? Fret not. Bless 2017! We have our little minions to help us out with that tiresome chore. Call away the Robot Vacuum.

Few years ago owning a Robot Vacuum would have meant that you would have to shell out loads, but those are stories of the past. Thanks to the production plants at the Far East and brands like ILIFE, Alfawise and Xiomi, robot vacuum is not in your dreams. They are affordable and have some very smart features, which means faster and cleaner work from your dear droids.

All geared up to buy your little robot vacuum at economical prices?

Here are some pointers that you might want to consider before making your choice or educated decision.

The Type of Floor

This might be no brainer. But every type of flooring might need a different type of cleaning. Though a very few vacuum might suit all floor, many customers fail to understand the area they want to cover. A carpeted floor might make you feel like you live in a star hotel, but with it comes the problem of cleaning them. Again hardwood floor look very classy, yet do you clean the dust bunnies and mites after them? Make sure the robot vacuum you choose does better in your floor.


Pay more attention to the navigation skills of the droids. Do you need them to navigate between rooms on their own? Are there any stairs that they need to sensor to avoid a fall? Often these robots have an issue to find their way back to their charging stations once they are done with their scheduled cleaning. Tripping over carpets are also sometimes an issue. Try to check if the product of your chosen make fit these issues.

Wet Mopping

Mopping the floors is more often than not on out most hated jobs list. Few robot vacuums also combine this feature and even hold a separate water tank, smaller one, to help you in wet mopping. They act exactly like a dry vacuum except the obvious, they clean up wet surfaces. They come with single use or reusable pads that clean up including pet hair from your messy floors.

Other Details

You might want to look at other miscellaneous aspects while making the choice like:

  • Run time per charge
  • Battery capacity
  • Charging time required
  • Height (to clean under the furniture and such)
  • Scheduling facility
  • Number of side brushes
  • Cleaning radius
  • Dust bag capacity

Though these robot vacuums may sound like an answer to all your prayers, it cannot do the miracle. So keep your expectations in check to have a clean and hygienic home.

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