7 Survival Tips for the First Month of College

7 Survival Tips for the First Month of College

Congratulations, you are finally on the first leg of some of the best years of your life. No matter what you did and achieved during the years spent in the school, your academic slate becomes all clear when you start college. As you take the first step towards adulthood, keep in mind that the choices you make and the actions you take in the first month of college, since those decisions would leave a significant mark on your personal and college life. You may have opted for the best course in btech, but if you fail to survive the very first month of the college effectively, you might be in trouble for the rest of the course.

The first month in the college is irrefutably the most confusing and exciting time in any student’s life. The sudden sense of freedom and adulthood can leave you perplexed while the feeling of being the decision maker of your life can be rather horrifying. However, there are many things you can do to make this transition smoother and worth remembering.

There would be bumps and roadblocks for sure, but if you follow these survival tips, you will surely be able to come out ahead. Take a look!

Get Organized

The teachers in school tend to spoon feed students. From giving them a proper run through of the homework to reminding them constantly about the approaching deadline, they do it all. However, in college, the scenario is entirely different. After getting enrolled in the best course in btech, the responsibility becomes all yours. Consider buying a calendar or downloading an app to keep a track on the due dates of the assignments. However, after a first few months, you’ll have everything at your fingertips, and the need of an organiser would become redundant.

Explore your campus!

Your campus would be your best friend until you get acquainted with a few people in your class. So, make sure you explore the campus well. Know the routes to the canteen, classes, libraries and more. Doing this, you would get to know the campus well and save time between the lectures as well.

Know Your Faculty

This is one piece of advice that is given to almost every college student, but sadly, only a few actually follow it. Building a relationship with the faculty members has some amazing long-term benefits. Figure out what common interests you have and start communicating with them. Having a rapport with the faculty members would help you a lot in the final year during the time of the placement. Because by that time they would know well and will surely give a positive feedback for you.  

Make Friends (a lot of friends)

Making friends is an obvious thing. However, having a friend by your side in the first few months of the college is surely a blessing. Because you both will be in a similar state of confusion related to the course, submissions and lectures, both of you can become each other’s support system during this crucial phase of college life.

Join Any of the On-Campus Groups

The drastic change in the study pattern can leave you perplexed. Getting involved in something that interests you would help keep you sane and in return would keep your mind away from feeling lost and overburdened with studies. Whether you are interested in joining a football club or a theater group, you will surely find something that interests you.

Homesickness is Normal

Even if you have always wanted to get away from home, you will miss your family in the beginning. Moreover, if you have opted to stay in the on-campus hostel, that feeling will surely overwhelm you in the first few months. Don’t let that feeling overpower you by finding ways to deal with it. From having a routine video call with your parents to writing them letters about your experiences, you can do it all to fight homesickness.

Keep a solid track of your money

Plan your monthly budget according to the amount you receive every month from home. It would be difficult in the beginning, but having a plan in place would help you have a lavish student life even in that limited amount you get. All you need to have is a plan.  

After you have survived the first month, things won’t feel so bad. You will eventually get used to every aspect of college life and start enjoying it. Ups and down are normal, so don’t sweat, it’s a phase, and it will eventually pass. Make the most of these incredible years of your life as you will never going to get them back.

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