5 Classy Home Storage Ideas

5 Classy Home Storage Ideas

Storage is the unsung hero of interior design. You’ve got the bespoke breakfast bar, a color scheme that complements the upholstery, and under-cupboard lighting that the covers your kitchen in a delicious glow. But now you have to live in it and that means finding space for all your things.

Your perfectly curated house can end up with shoes piled in the hallway, bottles of wine left cluttering your countertops and an ugly plastic storage box shoved under your $2,000 bed.

To help you get all your clutter organized while still keeping a classy look in your home, we’ve come up 5 storage ideas to get you looking at your possessions differently.

  1. Turn your things into decorations

You’ve spent a long time finding the right things to fill your home with, so why hide them in a cupboard?

Opt for shelves, hooks and hanging rails that will turn your everyday items into decorative pieces in their own right.

Arrange outfits by color so they pop out, hang jewelry and belts along the way to get a better idea of what you want to wear each day, and install shelves on a slight recline so you can make guests jealous with your shoe collection.

  1. Make use of a wine rack

The humble wine rack often gets overlooked as a storage device. Ostensibly they are for storing wine, but they can also be used to organize a huge array of items so that you can seem them in an entirely new light.

Try stacking them with magazines, toiletries, rolled towels, shoes, plants and more. When filled with tasteful items and trinkets, the wine rack can be turned into a statement piece in any room.

Wooden wine racks are also a fantastic way to bring a woody, rustic feel to a room while storing things more efficiently than many shelves can.

  1. Get rid of packaging

Nothing changes the vibe of a tranquil kitchen quicker than beat-up cereal boxes, torn packets of pasta or garish store-packaging all over the place.

By investing in some jars, containers or pots you can keep your food and sundries looking fresh in a way that matches your chosen aesthetic. They can even free up extra space once you get rid of bulky boxes and cartons.

You can take this further and decant toiletries, medicines or office supplies into holders or dispensers that come with real character.

Pick a theme and make a trip to your local antique market to find some hidden gems.

  1. Multi-purpose furniture

Good storage design should free up as much space as possible without requiring you to compromise on the amount of the things you want in your home.

Multi-purpose furniture doesn’t always have a great reputation with purists but it can solve your storage needs with plenty of class.

Opt for tables with in-built shelves, find beds and couches with under-storage that can be fed much of your clutter, and treat your stairs like another set of smaller shelves.

You can go the other way with this as well. Use old chests or cabinets as coffee or side tables.

  1. Compartmentalize everything

You might have the storage facilities in place, but you don’t want to just transfer mess from the floor or counter into a drawer or cupboard.

Compartmentalize everything so it has its designated space and doesn’t end up being thrown together.

Place a divider in a drawer to keep things separate and consider using a peg organizer so you don’t have to stack pans and plates on top of each other. When it comes to cupboards you can put in shelf partitions or install a tension rod to hang bottles and utensils on their own.

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