Trendy Prom Hairstyles That Will Surely Turn Heads

Trendy Prom Hairstyles That Will Surely Turn Heads

Prom night takes lots of preparation. From the dress to the toes everything has to be perfectly ready for the big night. To complete the look you need a trendy prom hairstyle that’ll turn heads and take the breath away. Of course you deserve the best!

Check out these trendy prom hairstyles: 

Bouncy Curls

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Go for a retro feel with the right bouncy curls. Bouncy curls will work seamlessly with medium length hair. Achieve it by ensuring the hair isn’t just dry but smooth-use a thermal protector and set hot rollers into your hair. After cooling the hair, just remove the rollers and put up the bouncy curls. Use a choice hairspray to complete the job.

Loose Bun

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A loose bun is perfect for the prom night! Accomplish the look by pulling your hair into a ponytail that’s a bit loose. Use some elastic to secure the hair about the crown. The hair should be twisted before wrapping into a unique messy bun. Loop the ends via the elastic. Run your fingers into the front part of the hair to make it loose as you create some texture. Slide the most gorgeous headband you have a few inches from the hairline.  Behind the first headband slide another headband, a dazzling one that begs to be looked at. Ensure your hair is raised right between the headbands.  

Modern Updo

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A delicious modern updo is superb for the girl who loves crazy curls but desires something unique and fresh to slay the prom. The curls should be placed unconventionally towards the back. This will help attain curls that obviously look swept up. It features dry hair curled using a barrel iron. Hair is gathered towards one side and secured with bobby pins and completed into an X-shape capable of standing in place all night. Mist using a hairspray and allow the hair to dry by placing curls.

In all honesty, there you go, no need to look any further. This is most certainly a safe prom hairstyle which you can go for, but if you are a bit daring, then you should click here to see over 500 other prom hairstyle ideas.

Braided and big style

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Accomplish this hairstyle by prepping the hair using texture spray, misting through it and combing to ensure even distribution. Create small sections, smoothen the hair surface and gather it to the side you like. Separate the hair into three unique sections and loosely braid it. Ensure the ends are secured using clear elastic. Complete the look using the hairspray you adore. You can use a volumizing powder to ease backcombing.

Braid Hawk

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A trendy hairstyle fit for the prom, braid hawking requires the hair to be braided and pulling it back into a pony a tad higher. Add some volume by clipping some of the hair extensions into the hair-do. Keep flipping the ends of the braids by the neck’s nape and secure with pins. The edges of the braids should be pinned to fasten the hair cosily to the head. Top with enough hairspray as you want.  

Side Twists

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Side twists are easy to achieve and a sweet choice for the prom. Apply some defining cream into your hair and use a diffuser to dry it. This will amplify the natural texture. Choose a part on one side and part the section in a horizontal way. Ensure you have two smaller sections and create the twists. Secure using hair clips, particularly some that have the sparkle fit for the night.        

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