Increase Your Home’s Value with These 21st Century Upgrades

Increase Your Home's Value with These 21st Century Upgrades

Your home is by far your most valuable investment. But without care and upkeep, it can quickly lose its value. It is also not enough to maintain the status quo. A house needs to keep up with the times if it is to provide the maximum return on investment.

That means that upgrades are not only nice-to-haves, they’re must haves. Yet it is possible to downgrade the value of your home by making the wrong upgrade investments. Depending on where you live, a pool can mean a value increase or a value drain. Some experts outright advise against installing a pool if you ever plan to sell the home.

How come? Kids drown in pools. Pools are expensive to maintain. Insurance is higher with a pool. But beyond these obvious issues, a pool is upgrade thinking from 70 years ago. Modern homebuyers are looking for more modern upgrades.

A budget-friendly, luxury kitchen is always welcome. But it will not give you as much bang for the buck if it does not also include modernization. What’s better than a fridge with an ice maker? How about a fridge with a tablet! Here are a few other modern upgrades for the 21st Century Home:


Getting serious about the environment is more than a slogan or something you hint at on social media, or a cause to which you attach your name. Reducing one’s carbon footprint is not a sermon. It’s a choice. And that choice has to be backed up by practical things you do, not say.

That is why one of the more popular and meaningful home upgrades is solar. Ion Solar is a company that helps families put their upgrade budget where their heart is. Of course, going solar is not all about saving the planet. It is also about saving money in the long run. It is exactly the kind of home improvement that makes your home stand out.


Home automation is starting to become mainstream. It is no longer just the stuff of television and movies. It is becoming an expectation of 21st century homebuyers. We cannot yet tell our smartphones to beam us up. But we can declare, Lights, and the automated house will make it so.

The problem with adding home automation after the fact is that not everything will play nicely together. It is easy to select incompatible components. Whole home automation systems are more expensive, take time to install, and require professional installation. But the benefits are worth it, as they can typically do more, with better integration.

This is the type of system that can increase the value of your home. It is not just made up of a bunch of wireless toys haphazardly scattered throughout the home. It is a permanent fixture of the home, an integral part of what gives the home it’s identity.

So while the Amazon Echo is a fun toy to play with, don’t mistake it for the hub of real home automation. Real home automation can mean thousands in resale value.


Some people lump security in the same category as home automation. But there is a big difference between a lazy way to turn on the lights, and protecting your family from harm. Home security is all about the latter.

The fully modern security system includes more than a couple of motion sensors and a keypad. Completing the package means including outside lights and cameras that automatically turn on when necessary. You will also want to have smart door locks with door cameras that show you who is standing at the door at any given moment.

Inside the house, you will need motion sensors, smoke detectors, and some type of emergency alert system. Individually, none of these components are expensive. But getting them as a part of a package deal can make all the difference between having a few tech toys and being safe.

Modern families are not necessarily looking for an extra room or a tanning bed. What they really want is a house that reduces their carbon footprint, automates common activities, and secures their family.

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