5 Unique and Creative Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Say Thank You

5 Unique and Creative Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Say Thank You

Giving gifts is an old tradition. It’s a way to celebrate a marriage, holiday, baby, birthday, or just say thank you. Sometimes, we give gifts to others for no reason other than that we care. But of all the gifting reasons, one of the best reasons is to say thanks.

A thank you gift is a great way to show someone how much you value their help, friendship, and all they do for you. They contribute to maintaining relationships in the personal and professional avenues of life. Choosing the right gift for the recipient shows how much thought you put into the gift itself, and how much you value them.

But what kinds of gifts can you give to show how much you appreciate someone? I’ve created a helpful list of ideas for the different people in your life:

1). A mug and coffee/tea set

Not everyone loves coffee, but just about everyone who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee is a fan of drinking tea. Instead of just buying a mug, put together a small basket that includes 1-2 cups. For the coffee-lover, include 2-4 varieties of specialty coffee (to their taste), flavored creamers, and non-perishable coffee cakes. For the tea-lover, include 2-4 varieties of their tea of choice, honey, lemon, and non-perishable tea biscuits. As a bonus, if they enjoy reading, you could add the latest book in their favorite genre.

2). Fruit basket

This might seem like a cliché gift idea, but if the person you are buying for is a fitness fanatic, they will appreciate an excellent fruit basket far more than they would flowers or chocolates. You can find beautiful thank you baskets online that offer a wide variety of fruits. It’s a wonderful way to reward the more health-conscious people on your thank you list.

3). Gourmet chef basket

Perfect for the foodie on your thank you list. Put together a gourmet snack basket including samples of excellent foods. A few ideas for the basket could be specialty salami, Gouda or goat cheese, high-end olive oil, organic snack crackers, and exotic fruit. Just make sure to think about how your choices will pair together. As a bonus, include a nice cutting knife or cheese slicer. The foodie will appreciate the extra effort.

4). Gift card gaming basket

If you are looking for something perfect for a teenager, think video games. You can create a small thank you package including a game he/she doesn’t yet own and a gift card for their gaming device (Xbox or PlayStation). As a bonus, you can add gaming snacks to the basket such as 2-4 sample bags of various chips, and add a 6-pack of soda. It’s guaranteed to make them flip.

5). Tool Set

Thank you gifts for men can be a challenge. If the man on your thank you set is handy, consider giving him a small tool set, a gift card to his favorite hardware store, and a 6-pack of local micro-brew. If you want bonus points, find out what tools he has wearing out, or what’s missing from his set, and replace it.

Bonus: Wine samples

If you are putting together a gift for more than one person at work, consider creating a small wine sample set. Most stores sell good-quality wine in small 4-packs. Create a red, white, and blush sampling with a small bottle from each. Include 1-2 wine glasses, cheese, and chocolates as a bonus.

What are your favorite, creative gift ideas?

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