Swipe Right! Tips for Improving Your Dating Profile Photos

Tips for Improving Your Dating Profile Photos

From Tinder and Bumble, to eHarmony and Match, online dating has become the norm for meeting new love interests. No matter how witty and charming your bio is, people will still look at your photos first. So how do you give off that same impression with your pictures? For the most part, it’s about having a range of photos in your profile.

Here are a few types of photos you should include and delete to get more interest:

Use High-quality Photos

Fuzzy photos don’t help anyone! Make sure that all of your pictures are high-quality. Low-quality photos may make your possible dates wonder how long ago they were taken. An unclear photo in 2006 may have been acceptable, but today, you can take an amazing picture with your phone. Try using the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge’s 5MP front-facing camera to take that attention-grabbing shot of yourself. Limit the selfies though! Too many can make you seem conceited (or as though you don’t have any friends to take photos of you).

Include a Close-up and Body Shot

People want to see the full you, so don’t be embarrassed by it! If all your photos are far away, people will wonder if you’re hiding your face. If they are all close, they will wonder if you’re hiding your body. It’s important to be transparent in online dating. Even if you feel that keeping focus off your body or face may help you get dates initially, in the long run, people will be put off that you lied by omission in your profile. So put it all out there! The people who are interested will be fully aware and accept your appearance.

Showcase Your Interests

Love to snowboard? Throw in a photo of you hitting the slopes! Have the travel bug? Include a photo or two of you in a foreign land. Give your potential suitor a conversation starter by showcasing your interests in your photos. Imagine that you are meeting somebody for the first time and they ask you to tell them about yourself. How would you respond? If any hobbies or interests are important enough to include in that answer, they are important enough to be included in one of your profile photos.

Involve Your Friends (But Stay the Center of Attention)

Too many group shots can cause confusion as to which person is actually you, but one or two photos with friends can add a great dynamic to your profile. If they are candid, that’s even better. Show that you are a social and fun person. It can be helpful to people looking at your page to see the type of people you hang out with. Think of what you want to see when you are swiping. Photos of someone having fun with a group of friends can make it easier for you to imagine being a part of their everyday life. But remember to limit these shots to just one or two and put them after a couple of your solo shots — you don’t want to get lost in the crowd!

Online dating can be difficult and tedious, but improving your photos is one way to make it work for you. Have some variety, showcase your personality and use high-quality pictures to attract better-suited suitors. Be yourself and you’ll be more likely to find someone who is interested in the real you!

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