Spring-Clean your Resume with these Simple Tips {Infographic}

Spring-Clean your Resume with these Simple Tips {Infographic}

Springtime can be a hugely inspiring period, in which new hope and fresh starts make everything seem possible. Perhaps you started the new year daydreaming about a better job or a meaningful career move, but you haven’t yet found the energy to go for it. Finding that extra push can be tough when it’s so gloomy outside!

Sunlight, green buds and open windows can inspire you to make now the moment to act. And there are few more useful career strategies you can take than to spring-clean your resume. Too many people rely on the same document year after year, simply adding new experience to the bottom of a growing list. But this is hardly the sort of thing that will impress a modern recruiter. In fact, there are a whole range of tweaks you can apply to your resume to get it into better shape – and raise the chances of being taken seriously.

If you have, indeed, spent the last few years adding each new job or experience to the bottom of your CV, you can start by tidying this up. Use the copy and paste functions to reorganize your achievements into reverse-chronological order (newest first). This way, recruiters can quickly see what you’ve done recently – and what will probably be your ‘highest’ achievements. Instead of a blocky paragraph of job description under each role, break down your skills and achievements into five or six bullet points. Don’t use convoluted sentences. A good sample structure is:  ‘In situation X I did Y, which resulted in Z’. Already sounds impressive, right?

For eighteen of the best such tips, have a run through of this bright new infographic by NetCredit. Packed with easy tweaks, it’s just the tool you need to spring-clean your resume before you apply for that next big job.

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