Holistic Cures for Thyroid Functioning

The thyroid is an important organ in the endocrine system that regulates hormones. Thyroid issues are common, and it only takes a blood test to indicate your hormone levels. Environmental, emotional and physical factors all affect the balance of hormones, so many people have taken to natural cures to restore the health of their thyroid.

Achieving a healthy diet and altering your daily activities may help immensely.

Holistic Cures for Thyroid Functioning

A plant-based diet will supply your body with much-needed iodine. This mineral is found in sea vegetables such as kombu, hijiki, hori and wakame. An abundance of iodine can be found in natural sources such as Himalayan pink crystal salt.

Switching to a plant-based diet will help many health issues. It will boost energy levels and purify the blood system. If you can’t take raw Brazil nuts, which contain the essential nutrient selenium, consider adding one to your health smoothies in the morning. Combined with exercise, blood circulation will increase and hormone levels will balance out.

Coconut oil has healthy fats called medium chain triglycerides. These are known to increase metabolism, which is helpful for people with hypothyroidism. Other healthy fats are in almonds, dark chocolate, and flax seeds. Lacking B vitamins is known to cause dysfunction in the thyroid, so make sure to give your body what it needs and, whenever possible, replace chemicals with natural nutrients.

Avoid processed foods and sugars. Caffeine is known to be bad for thyroid function, so try to replace caffeinated beverages with fresh juices or water. Cruciferous vegetables produce a chemical called goitrogen that interferes with iodine uptake in the thyroid. The evidence for this, however, is insufficient and concerns only large amounts. As with anything immune related – balance is key, including diet.

Sleep is essential in regulating hormone levels so make sure to get plenty of rest. Light exercises such as walking or swimming will help but avoid anything too strenuous.

Water is the essence of life. Buy a water filter or filtered water. Make sure to drink plenty of it to give your body the crucial fluid levels it needs to heal itself. Combine water and color or candle therapy to relax and relieve stress. Fill your bathtub, light some candles, grab a glass of wine, gaze into the flames and let your skin take in the healing properties.

Yoga is a natural cure for thyroid problems, and it is a beautifully simple way to enhance the quality of your life. Exercises that involve neck stretches, such as Camel Pose, Shoulder Stand, Fish Pose, and Sun Salutations will help your thyroid function.

So, try to focus on living healthy. Spend time outside cultivating a garden. This will help your sense of well-being, which will show in the way that your body systems function. Get plenty of sunlight. The sun helps the brain produce hormones and it can do wonders for your endocrine system.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to improve your thyroid function. Make sure to find the joys in life. Meditate daily. Laugh – it’s good for your heart and for your thyroid. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Cultivate a life that includes a healthy diet and living practices. If you take care of your body and live a life that you enjoy then your body will flourish with self-love and care.

It is okay to take it slow, to read an inspiring book, or to learn new skills that you always wanted to learn. Try not to stress. When healing yourself, approach it holistically and improve things slowly day by day.

Sandra Moncada

Sandra Moncada

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