Get Your Body Wedding Ready {Infographic}

Get Your Body Wedding Ready {Infographic}

Getting your body wedding ready is about caring for yourself to feel your best on one of the most important days of your life. For this to happen, you need a plan and time enough to do certain things, so unless you are eloping this weekend, this is how you can get your body ready for your wedding.

Set a plan

Treat this as you would your career goals by setting clear goals for your body transformation. Plan ahead of time, especially if you want to lose weight because a super strict diet a month before the wedding will leave you feeling tired and moody. Set monthly goals on a vision board and check-in every day to mark your progress. You can create your own plan or find a great one online to get you started.


Besides relieving the stress that comes with organizing a wedding, strength training and cardio will take your body to the next level. Find what works for you but don’t forget to change up your workout routine often, so that your body won’t get used to it.

Eat well

Your body needs the best kind of food in the months leading up to your wedding, especially if you want to lose weight and have clear skin. Similar to the workout routine, find that which works for you. You can decide to eat clean or use a calorie counting app. You can join a program or focus on asking yourself if you are really hungry, whenever you decide to eat, to keep your emotional eating in check.

Find a support system

Whether that is a group of friends, a parent or your partner, find someone who will support you throughout this time. More than support, have that person or persons, keep you accountable, so you will be less likely to give up after one glitch.

Besides these four key components, there are other ways you can get your body ready for your wedding. Staying hydrated is one way to eat less and to keep your skin healthy. Moreover, you could try whitening your teeth prior to the wedding and treat your skin to the right products. Indulging in soothing massages during the months leading up to the wedding will also help to remove stiffness and aches from your body for you to feel utterly relaxed when the day finally arrives.

There are more details on how you can get your body wedding ready via this infographic:

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