Effective Solutions to Boost Employee Morale and Performance

Effective Solutions to Boost Employee Morale and Performance

No matter how great a product or service is, a business is only as successful as those who help to operate it. From management down to the staff, when all are performing at their best, the business can thrive. On the contrary, when a business is filled with employees that display a low morale or poor performance, the success of the business is on the line.

Naturally, maintaining positive morale and good performance is an ongoing process for human resources.

Performance Reviews

Annual or bi-annual performance reviews are common in businesses. Quality reviews can help employers to align employee goals with company goals, determine when training is necessary, help the employee develop their careers, consider promotions, and of course discuss any performance issues. With the help of performance management software, you can simplify the process of reviewing employees and monitoring their performance throughout the year.  

When giving reviews, be sure that it is in an isolated area where you and the employee can discuss the year. They may have things they’d like to say in regards to their performance or career and will feel more comfortable doing so in the confinement of an office or conference room. Talk to them about what you see, where you think they should go next, and/or how they can improve in the future.

Tying incentives like increased pay, comp time off, or even consideration for promotions can add encouragement for employees to perform their best all year long.

Career Coaching

Coaching is an interactive and nonjudgmental way to help your employees get to the next level of performance. Work with employees who have shown a decrease in performance through coaching. Sit with them and identify areas of performance they need to improve upon and give advice on how they can do this. Coaching is beneficial in that the employee does not feel that their job is threatened, and the employer gets the chance to help the employee reach their highest potential.


Aside from their annual salary, employees are often looking to work with an employer who offers incentives or additional benefits. While you may have created a great benefits package for new hires, as time goes on, employees’ needs change and the desire for more incentives comes up. Offering inexpensive incentives to further boost morale and improve performance can work to your advantage. Incentives might include paid time off, a small bonus, or even a reward of recognition like ’employee of the month.’

Think Outside of the Workplace

Last, but certainly not least, employers must remember that their employees are humans with lives and other interests outside the job. You can’t very well expect to keep a high morale in the office when you have your employees constantly working like slaves with no reward or breaks. Think of creative ways to show your employees that you care about them – beyond the workplace. A company picnic, company sports team, or even weekly bake sales and cook offs lets them have a little fun.

Keeping the morale and performance high in the workplace can take some doing. You’re dealing with a variety of people, all with different needs and varying life circumstances. Finding ways to evaluate performance, elevate your employees, and reward them for their service can quickly change the environment within the workplace leaving you with a high performance team that takes your business to the next level of greatness. 

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