8 Tips for Making Live Streamed Videos a Success

8 Tips for Making Live Streamed Videos a Success

Live video streaming can help you build your business brand online and increase profits with relevant ease.  However, live videos need to be recorded and streamed in a specific way to ultimately make it successful.

Here are some tips to help you make live streamed videos a success for your business:

  • Make your Videos Personal

Often, the people watching your live streaming would like to relate and connect with whoever is speaking. Is you are steaming on msnbc live; you want to ensure that the camera is on you before turning to the subject you want to speak about. Once you have the camera focused on you, inform your audience who you are as well as where you speaking from. This is important because you never know who you will watch your video.

  • Avoid Reading Scripts

Reading a script on camera is an easy way to turn people off. However, understanding or mastering three or even five points that you know very well can help you in delivering a live video stream naturally. This means spending quality time preparing for the live streaming session. You can write your bullet points in advance and rehearse them over and over before rolling the camera.

  • Stream Live on a Regularly

You will getter better at streaming live and build a bigger audience when you do it on a regular basis, like twice a month or week. When you do this, you will create a loyal audience that will be looking forward to the next live stream, which is great way to build your brand.

  • Be Yourself and Professional

The best way to build a brand and attract people to your brand is by being authentic. Your audience will be able to pick when you say stuff that you don’t believe in or be someone you are not. However, it is perfectly okay to make some mistakes on camera provided you manage them without panicking. Also, when preparing for a live video streaming, know that the clips will last for a long time. This means you need to be professional by dressing appropriately, taking the right posture, keeping your eyes on the camera and speaking about the subject matter knowledgeably without repeating yourself.

  • Capture your Audience’s Attention Fast

The first few seconds of your live video are most critical when it comes to catching the attention of your audience. Most people today have many options and their attention spans are short. This means you need to get them engaged and say what they will get from watching you speak quickly. Rambling or saying stuff you don’t understand will make your listeners click off.

  • Mobilize Viewers in Advance and Start on Time

Before streaming your videos live, you need to decide what platform you will stream from. Once you make this decision, use that platform to mobilize an audience for your upcoming live streaming. Inform your audience when you will be streaming live and ensure that you start on time when the day you had planned to stream live comes.

  • Keep your Videos Short

When it comes to live streaming, people go for quality as opposed to quantity. Though at times you streaming a long video might be necessary, it is important to try and keep your videos as brief as possible. Videos that are five minutes long work best and the longer the video gets, the more you need to keep your viewers entertained.

  • Ensure Quality Sound

When streaming live, you need to ensure that the quality of sound is good. When people watch you live or replay your video, they should be able to hear you clearly. In the event that they don’t, they will click off. Ensure that you your sound is tested prior to going live. One way of testing the quality of your videos is to record brief videos on camera or smartphone ahead of the streaming time and make adjustments until you are certain you good to go.

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