5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers which are Difficult to Beat

5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers which are Difficult to Beat

Portable speakers will always remain in trend because headphones and other systems simply cannot deliver when it comes to having a party or enjoying a great time outdoors. Portable Bluetooth speakers add more convenience to the whole music-listening experience and make things much simpler.

So which are the best portable speakers you should consider for yourself. The answer is simple – they should be from the most trusted brands.

Here is a list of 5 portable Bluetooth speakers you should consider for yourself.

1. Ultimate Ears Roll 2

The Ultimate Ears Roll 2 stands out for its stunning full-bodied performance. Its delivers high-clarity and detailed output. The open sound quality fluid dynamics is excellent. It is also a treat to the eyes. It takes its aesthetic cues from its predecessor – the same large volume icons and funky style has been retained.

When it comes to performance, it is louder than the UE Roll. It is more dynamic and open, and has a more detailed output. You would simply love the sound output it delivers. You can check the UE Roll 2’s detailed review at portablespeakerreview.com

2. Dali Katch

The Dali Katch is among the most highly-regarded portable speakers available in the market. Its premium performance and looks come at a slightly higher price tag. It delivers full-bodied, powerful sound output. Its long battery life and excellent dynamics further give it the edge.

It is just heavy enough not to interfere with easy portability. The Dali Katch is pleasing to the eyes yet robust in design. It features a retractable handle and an oval front. The speaker has two 9 cm aluminium woofers and two 2.1 cm soft-dome tweeters. Running on a class-D amplifier, it can generate a respectable power output of 2x25W.

3. Bose SoundLink Mini II

When Bose makes a speaker, it has to be special. The Bose SoundLink Mini II takes the perfection of the Mini to the next level. There’s 3 hours of more battery life. This portable Bluetooth speaker also has a speakerphone that allows smart-device enabled communication.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II looks similar to a conventional speaker, and also features some more conventional sound systems. It can bring any room to life when positioned well. The Mini II is capable of delivering natural sound output with all the deep details.

4. Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+

With 12 hours of battery life and a compact design, the Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+ proves the acoustic-related capabilities of the legend. Distortion of multiple instruments was a concern with the earlier model, but the brand has addressed the issue. Now you can enjoy tracks at high volumes along with just the right treble and bass at the right place. You can pair it with another Pill and the stereo quality will enhance further, something that many other portable speakers can’t do.

5. DKnight MagicBox II

The DKnight MagicBox II is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and is a stunning piece of sound-output system you would want to carry along. Play it at the loudest and you will notice that sound clarity doesn’t get affected in any way. In fact, this amazing portable speaker can beat some of the best speakers in sound output without losing sound quality and clarity. This makes it just the perfect speaker you would ever want.

Its 2,000 mAh battery can continue playing for 10 hours. It has 10W acoustic drivers. It produces a wider spectrum of audio, ensuring that you get to enjoy all the details from a track. You will never miss anything. Then there is a new passive radiator that helps in delivering powerful bass output without any kind of distortion. Play tracks with the heaviest bass on the highest volume and it would still ensure optimal clarity without any distortion. The DKnight MagicBox II has the same size as its predecessor. However, with the addition of new features it is capable of delivering higher volume and deeper bass.

So if you are looking for a great portable Bluetooth speaker, these are among the best options you can consider. If sound clarity, deeper bass, no-distortion, and detailed acoustic output are your key concerns, these are some of the best speakers you can consider for yourself.

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