5 CRM Tools That Can Help You Run Your Business More Effectively

5 CRM Tools That Can Help You Run Your Business More Effectively

CRM tools represent the perfect solution for business owners and managers who need help organizing, storing and tracking contacts, sales leads and customer information. Practically every business can benefit from it by giving customer service agents and other employees the ability to work together to fill the sale funnel, close deals and provides service and support.

CRM can fill a variety of roles in your business, including the execution of marketing campaigns, invoicing, order tracking, forecasting, and performance tracking. The software can also help you monitor your competitors. As a result, CRM can reduce your operating costs while increasing employee productivity and efficiency.

Of course, the ultimate goal of CRM is to ensure that every lead receives proper attention and priority and every customer enjoys the best possible experience while dealing with a company and its brand. If you need to improve the rate at which you close sales and satisfy customers, you should consider the following five CRM tools looking help you run your business.


Zoho is a CRM that many businesses choose because of its exceptional value. Its basic version is free, but it is filled with features. The package has multi-channel support so you can use it to unify all your customer related activity including phone calls, live chat, social media, email and in-person.

Zoho also offers visitor tracking and email analytics for use with your marketing and sales campaigns. When you know what your customers see, you can find new ways to engage them, close sales and provide excellent support.

Although many people consider Zoho as a good choice for small firms, the cloud-based application also has versions that support the corporate enterprise.


Some people recognize Salesforce as an enterprise CRM, but the well-known software brand also has a feature-packed small business solution. The all-in-one solution can supply your company with contact management and lead generation, opportunity management and sales forecasting, workflow automation, and collaboration tools. 

You will probably discover that the Salesforce platform is easy to customize and simple to navigate, so your employees can spend their time working rather than figuring out how to use their software. Salesforce can also grow with your company so you will never need to disrupt your business to change to a different CRM. 

Options available for Salesforce CRM can adapt your software to suit industries such as finance, health, and retail. As a cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce enables your team to work together regardless of their location.


Highrise, another cloud-based CRM, emphasizes and supports the management of three primary business categories. The software makes it easy to manage contacts while giving your team the ability to work together on tasks. With Highrise, recording all your communications is easy, so customer service agents and other employees can readily access historical customer information. 

Highrise integrates well with popular business applications including email, FreshDesk, and FreshBooks, giving you a chance to manage much of your company without changing windows. The application helps your team eliminate redundancy by supplying a central location to process tasks and store information. 

The simple Highrise interface ensures that your employees will willingly use the software to quickly become productive.

Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM consists of several discrete apps that work together to support sales, field service operations, customer service activities, marketing, finance, and operations. Every app has a familiar interface, so employees instinctively know how to navigate their menus and screens. 

As a Microsoft product, Dynamics CRM can be easily integrated with Office 365 a give a boost to your employees’ productivity. It can support your enterprise and help all your teams create and execute smart marketing strategies as the collaborate and interact with each other and your sales pipeline. By incorporating enterprise resource planning, the software transcends typical CRM functionality. 

Dynamics CRM comes equipped to collect social insights and other data that make it an essential tool for campaign management and business intelligence. Also, the app comes in both an on-site and cloud-based version.


Teams that have experience with CRM often find that Podio is a great choice. The application has a layered, customizable structure that makes its potential almost limitless. Within the Podio environment, users have the ability to create their own tools and workspaces, so they can work out ways that suit them while contributing to the team effort.

In many ways, the Podio interface looks and feels like Facebook, so the CRM has a natural appeal to social media users. When your entire team is on board, Podio provides everyone with up-to-date information about all your leads and contacts.

The entire customer journey is documented within the software, so you can collect information from the web and assign responsibility to each name. Without leaving the app, your employees can create and manage their deal pipelines and print sales reports. 

Being a customizable CRM, Podio enables you to see only the features that you need, so everyone can stay focused on their job.

Final Thoughts

CRM software streamlines your business workflows, optimizes the use of your human resources, and helps you safeguard company knowledge against employee turnover. You will soon discover that the benefits of CRM tools can make your business more competitive and profitable than you ever thought possible.

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