4 Alternative Careers To Consider In Aviation

4 Alternative Careers To Consider In Aviation

Always found yourself fascinated by planes? Maybe you just want to get a unique opportunity to travel the world as part of your day job? Many people dream of a career in aviation, a global booming industry, but wrongly assume that to work with planes or an airline involves one of two career paths – either pursuing a career as a flight attendant or a pilot for a commercial airline.

However, there are lots of ways that you can land a career in aviation outside of manning the cockpit or assisting passengers for a commercial airline.

Aviation Mechanics

The role of an aviation mechanic is a highly skilled one. You’ll need to attend technical college to undergo training and certification as an aviation mechanic and indeed you will serve to play just as an important a role as the pilot of the aircraft. Aviation/aircraft mechanics are responsible for inspecting the engines, landing gear, instruments,  brakes, valves, pumps and all other parts of the aircraft to ensure a plane is capable of safely fulfilling its journeys and conducting any required maintenance or repair.

It’s a great career choice for those who want to infuse their love of flying and mechanics.

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic controllers have an integral role to play in ensuring that planes depart and arrive safely at their intended destination. They are responsible for clearing the airspace so that planes have a safe route to take off or land and ensuring that planes are never too close to one another. There are lots of different types of air traffic controllers, each responsible for monitoring and directing planes at different stages of their routes.

Although you’ll need to undergo technical training and certification, air traffic control is not a career you’ll necessarily need a degree to enter.

Aviation Safety Manager

The Aviation Safety Manager is usually an organisation’s main contact with aviation authorities, ensuring regulatory compliance and advising and organising any required safety training requirements e.g. a fatigue risk management system course. You’ll be consistently assessing operations for potential hazards and risk and potential improvements to be made.

As the Aviation Safety Manager, it’s up to you and your team to devise safety procedures and policies and emergency response plans to ensure a secure journey for all passengers and crew on board an aircraft. Aviation Safety Managers are also often tasked with aircraft accident investigation (if they have completed an aviation accident investigation course).

Law Enforcement Pilot

Want to combine your interest in flying with helping your community? Consider becoming a law enforcement pilot. The main routes of entry for this type of career involve joining ground law enforcement and getting to know your legal responsibilities while acquiring a commercial pilot licence. As a law enforcement pilot, you could find yourself provide airborne assistance to ground units in traffic enforcement, assisting with manhunt or circling and assessing wreckage areas in search and rescue operations. It can certainly be a lot more rewarding than piloting commercial aircraft.

There are numerous careers in aviation so don’t close the door on your dream of working with planes or taking to the sky just because a career as a flight attendant or commercial pilot doesn’t appeal to you or isn’t a viable option for you!

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