The Coolest Yacht Electronics & Gadgets for 2017

The Coolest Yacht Electronics & Gadgets for 2017

In the ever-evolving world of luxury superyachts, there is an existing demand for the latest and most innovative technological gadgets. Concerning maritime technological innovation, the luxury yachting industry stands at the forefront of consumer demand, with Owners and charterers desiring the latest gadgets on their superyachts.

From autonomous drones to virtual reality experiences, here are some of the coolest technologies and gadgets to enhance the yachting industry in 2017.

1). Virtual Reality Meets Luxury Yachting

Virtual reality software is revolutionising the superyacht industry, affecting the design, construction, decoration of yachts, as well as their marketing; the innovative technology even enables prospective buyers the opportunity to experience life onboard a particular vessel. With the aid of VR headsets, buyers can view the interior before a yacht’s construction even begins, aiding decisions on layout and décor. The helpful invention prevents costly mistakes that could otherwise increase the build price exponentially.

VR technology also helps shipyards build a more practical yacht, showing whether lockers are accessible, if pantries are well set out, and whether the engineer will be able to reach the fuel filter. Marketing yachts will also be a whole new experience, with charterers and new buyers able to view a yacht without even stepping onboard.

Fraser, the world’s leading yacht brokerage, revolutionised yachting imagery by creating a virtual reality experience of M/Y LADY NAG NAG, a stunning 52.30m superyacht. One is able to experience the vessel as if on board, meaning one can gain a feel of the superyacht’s interior without viewing in person.

2). Bringing IMAX to Superyachts

Cinemas on yachts are still relatively rare, and the screen size is generally limited by deck height. But this may soon change. It is possible that IMAX will adapt their 20-foot IMAX Private Theatre screen for use on luxury superyachts, bringing both 2D and 3D images to life in a spectacular onboard theatre.

The first yacht to feature the IMAX screen is likely to be a 150m new build project, designed by Ken Freikhov in collaboration with superyacht audiovisual provider Yacht Intelligence. Building superyacht IMAX cinemas is not without challenges, such as accommodating the hull shape and acoustics. Nevertheless, if the project is to go ahead, we can expect IMAX cinemas to be the number one superyacht design feature of the next decade.

3). Underwater Drones

With the iBubble, you can slip on a bracelet, dive off the swim platform, and a drone camera will float through the water next to you, recording everything you see. Invented by a free diver, a scuba diver, and a tech professional, the iBubble drone camera records in high definition and follows your movements autonomously by tracking the bracelet you wear on your wrist.

The iBubble records to a depth of 230 feet and lasts up to an hour on one battery before automatically resurfacing. It is available to pre-order and is expected to be one of the hottest new superyacht toys of the decade.

4). The 5-Storey Video Wall

Video walls are gaining popularity in superyacht design, creating a breathtaking moving backdrop that enhances a superyacht’s décor. Van Berge Henegouwen, a specialist in onboard video walls, has created an aquarium scene for one particular yacht, where each level provides a different underwater landscape, from the sandy ocean floor up to the shimmering surface. But the possibilities are endless: from sensory dining rooms to large-scale gaming facilities, video walls are a must-have feature on the latest superyachts.

5). The Superyacht Hull That Changes Colour

Van Geest Design, in collaboration with the Oceanco shipyard and lighting company Temelov, has created an extraordinary hull design that features hundreds of LED lights in its structure, allowing it to change colour and reflect patterns. The project, called Moonstone, proves that the hull can be a canvas for a play of light and colour, creating a brilliant, ever-changing light show when the yacht is at anchor.

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